Find plenty to do in Alibaug

The beautiful resort is perfectly positioned to allow easy access to historic sites like Kankeshwar Temple and Kolaba Fort. Alibaug's coastal climate is home to a wide array of species of birds and wildlife, and a drive to the Karnala Bird Sanctuary and Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary provides a chance to see them in their natural habitat. Ready to soak up the sun? We are just a short drive from the coastal beauty of nearby beaches like Varsoli and Nagaon.

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Kankeshwar Temple

5.68 mi / 9.14 km from the hotel
Visit this grand temple campus, nestled on a lush hill, dedicated to various gods including Lord Shiva. The temple's freshwater pool fills up during Monsoon season.

Kolaba Fort

2.7 mi / 4.35 km from the hotel
Walk out to this magnificent military fortification at low tide, when it is accessible by foot from the shore of Alibaug. Built in the 16th century, it was once an important naval station.

Harnai Port fish market and forts

60.44 mi / 97.27 km from the hotel
Experience coastal culture at this fish market. Be entertained by the daily fish auction, which also gives you the opportunity to support the local economy.