Responsible Business - Plant

Responsible Business

Caring for the planet and its people extends beyond the walls of our hotels
Responsible Business - Making a difference

Making a difference

Radisson Hotel Group has a long history of being a responsible business, with our ambitious and award-winning program.  

We are passionate about caring for others, and that extends beyond the walls of our hotels. We believe in conducting business ethically in all we do and want to be a thriving, sustainable and responsible business for people, the community and our planet. 

Our team members live Responsible Business every day–at home, together with their hotel colleagues and in their local communities where we work on creating building better futures and a better planet for all.

It’s all about caring

Responsible Business - People


We’re committed to giving opportunities to people all over the world; treating our customers, team members, suppliers, and partners with the respect that they deserve; and helping them grow as people.
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Responsible Business - Community


Our hotels are run with the aim of embodying our Every Moment Matters spirit, supporting our local communities, which are part of the Radisson Hotel Group family.
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Responsible Business - Planet


A thriving planet means a thriving business; sustaining the world’s beauty and diversity is an important part of our success, which is why we support initiatives to do just that.
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Responsible Business - Industry Pioneer

Industry pioneer in sustainability

In 1989, we were a part of the first hotel group in the world to adopt an environmental policy. Afterwards, we began to define clear Think Planet targets to reduce our environmental footprint and measure progress. In 2017, we have also committed to the hotel industry’s Sustainable Hospitality Alliance 2030 goals, a call to action and a consensus for a sustainable industry to drive action on climate change, water stewardship, human rights, and youth employment. At Radisson Hotel Group, we have analyzed our Responsible Business commitment against the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we are part of the Global Reporting Initiative and we have signed the UN Global Compact Compliance and the UN CEO Water Mandate.
Responsible Business - Safe Hotels Certificate

234 Safehotels Certified Properties Worldwide

Safehotels certifies our hotels against their own, independent ‘Global Hotel Security Standard’. The criteria for certification achieved by a hotel consists of more than 230 individually on-site assessed components relating to security, emergency management, fire, health and safety.
Our certified hotels
Responsible Business - Eco Label

447 Eco-labelled Hotels Worldwide

External confirmation of our hotels’ environment performance is essential to our business. Eco-labels provide us an independent third-party audit of each hotel’s practices and actions to protect the environment. With an eco-label, quality is defined by the transparency of the program, regular on-site audits conducted by well-trained auditors and third-party verification. It is also a great differentiator.
Our eco-labelled hotels
Responsible Business - Eco Vadis Silver Rating 2019

Radisson Hotel Group: EcoVadis Responsible Supplier Silver rating

EcoVadis evaluates more than 20,000 companies annually on their environmental, human rights and ethical performance. It aims to improve practices of companies by leveraging the influence of global supply chains. The Silver recognition placing us among the top 30% EcoVadis performers.
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