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Sustaining our beautiful world for travellers to enjoy

Think Planet

It’s in our interest to support the preservation of natural resources and destinations. Radisson Hotel Group is making efforts to reduce our carbon, energy, water, and waste footprint as part of Think Planet. We aim to reduce the negative impact of our business on the planet, enhance our ability to deliver the value our customers expect and protect valuable natural resources for future generations.
Responsible Business - Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency

It is estimated that 30% of energy used by buildings is wasted. A key goal of Think Planet is to reduce our overall energy consumption significantly. There are several ways to do this, such as investing in energy-saving technologies and tools, developing environment-friendly building designs, collaborating with owners and investors to invest in sustainability measures, and engaging and educating team members.
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Carbon reduction

Radisson Hotel Group is committed to science-based net zero by 2050 and actively strives to reduce our carbon footprint by finding energy-efficient solutions and increasingly using renewable energy sources. We believe that renewable energy has immense untapped potential. That’s why we are undergoing an energy transition, working to implement renewable electricity solutions that are carefully designed to achieve the greatest carbon reduction impact. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by pursuing a renewable energy sourcing strategy that will increase the amount of renewable electricity we purchase and produce.

Carbon neutral meetings

Radisson Hotel Group automatically offsets the carbon footprint of every single meeting and event taking place at any of our hotels worldwide, at no cost to clients.

Carbon offsetting is done in partnership with First Climate, one of the world’s largest carbon offset organizations, supporting projects that combat climate change and have a positive sustainable development contribution. All selected projects are Gold Standard or Verified Carbon Standard certified.

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Responsible Business - Water consumption

Water stewardship

Addressing the challenge of managing global water resources, water stewardship is a key priority for Radisson Hotel Group. Better management of water is not only good for the planet and people, but it’s also good for business. We are focused on ensuring water use is equitable in the communities where it does business. Our water stewardship efforts include limiting the use of water through technology improvements in its rooms and operations, using rainwater and gray water wherever possible.

Reduce, Reuse, Replace, Recycle

Radisson Hotel Group works to reduce, reuse, replace and recycle and share best practices in this area. We work with suppliers to reduce waste and increase recycling. Other key waste management priorities include food waste management and the elimination of single-use plastics wherever possible.
Responsible Business - Managing Waste
Responsible Business - Sourcing

Responsible sourcing

Much of a hotel’s environmental impact is generated through products, services and activities that are sourced. Radisson Hotel Group partners with like-minded suppliers committed to doing business responsibly, providing integrated projects and solutions for our hotels. 

Suppliers are required to respect Supplier Code of Conduct, with all applicable laws and regulations and request the same from their supply chain, including third-party labor agencies.


Making sure our hotels operate as sustainable as they can is key. Radisson Hotel Group values the third-party certification of our hotel’s sustainability efforts. It ensures our achievements are fully transparent and credible, and it assists our hotels in identifying areas of opportunity. We partner with global ecolabels, recognized by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, such as Green Key and EarthCheck, which audit hotel performance.
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