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Sports Approved Program

Discover our award-winning services for teams and athletes

A winning solution for your team’s travel needs

Whether you’re on the road for a youth league tournament or a collegiate championship, traveling with a team can be a challenge. That’s why we developed the Sports Approved Program to support teams and athletes of all ages, with all the services, facilities, and little extras to make their stay as restorative as possible. Our Sports Approved program is designed to meet the highest requirements with services designed to let your team rest, regroup, and recharge, while helping you stay focused on your goals.
A men's sports team celebrating in victory, while in a huddle

Sports service standards

Our certified hotels and resorts have a proven track record of working with sports teams to meet their needs and facilitate group travel.

The Sports Approved Program always includes:

- Team breakfast options 
- Complimentary Wi-Fi
- Special recognition on arrival for the team 
- Room upgrade* or in room special treat for coach or Team manager 
- Pre-keyed & pre-blocked rooms located on the same floor
- Complimentary meeting space for team meeting
- Directions to fields or sport complex
- Internal “Sports Group Resume” prepared and shared with staff 

Additional available services upon request

- Healthy dining options 
- On-site parking  
- F&B vouchers for lunch or dinner at property restaurant 
- Secure storage room for equipment
- Complimentary Laundry of Team uniforms (max 1pcs per person per stay)
- Complimentary meeting space for team meeting 
- Guaranteed commission and rebate within 45 days (applicable to Housing Agencies only) 
- Private access to the gym 
- Available space for press conference 
- Massage service (rooms or massage therapist) 
- Exclusive usage of the internal kitchen for Teams' chefs

*Based upon availability. Services may vary by hotel.

Explore all our worldwide properties that have received the training and certification to effectively host sports teams and the enhanced services that they offer.