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Procurement with Radisson Hotel Group

Learn more about our strategic sourcing and procurement team and how we can assist with product and service needs for your hotel.

Our team and what we offer

The Radisson Hotel Group Strategic Sourcing and Procurement team is your sourcing partner for all product and service needs for your hotel(s). Our multi-cultural team is strategically located in different countries in EMEA & APAC and, with deep local knowledge, offers approved and negotiated products and services with advantaged value in terms of cost, service levels, protection, and support. 

While specific offerings may vary by region and country, the team aims to deliver the full spectrum of all products and services that a typical hotel would look to procure for both Operating and Capital Expenses.

We can also provide similar services, upon request, to owners that have non-branded Radisson Hotel Group hotels.
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Why work with us?

Reap the rewards of having a single point of contact per country to support hotels for all procurement-related matters, such as: 

  • Access to international, regional, and country-specific agreements
  • Access to preferential pricing and value through Radisson Hotel Group’s negotiated pricing on an extensive range of products and services, including all brand standard products and services
  • Sourcing efforts focused on sustainability, carbon-zero footprint, and vendor compliance while adhering to Radisson Hotel Group’s Supplier Code of Conduct

How we choose suppliers

Radisson Hotel Group Procurement adheres to a very robust and rigorous process in selecting approved suppliers to ensure that they meet the very demanding standards laid out in our tender process. 

We strive to form partnerships with innovative suppliers that share our philosophy in delivering the best possible value proposition to our hotels and owners within a Responsible Business framework

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Receive free consultancy advice and support

Benefit from our team’s free consultancy services and receive support to identify potential savings opportunities: 

  • Centralized support for hotel price savings opportunities, supplier guidance & problem resolution
  • Access to bespoke procurement services including custom tender management services to support major capital expenditure for New Build and Renovation projects 
  • Access to nominated CapEx & OpEx suppliers and catalogs
  • Support in implementing Procurement Platform to enable efficient ordering

Make more informed decisions and connect all enterprise functions

Get free access to Radisson Hotel Group’s Procurement platform and marketplace to take advantage of seamless and electronic ordering and our purchase order approval process. 

Benefits of our platform include: 

1) Centralized procurement process, tools, and systems

2) Automated workflow process and audit trail for all purchases

  • No more manual purchase orders 
  • Paperless ordering 
  • Audit tracking
3) Time-saving
  • Reduced order time 
  • Baskets/Favorites enable quick repeatable ordering
Corporate – Procurement - 5 Global Connections
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Responsible sourcing

Radisson Hotel Group undertakes the responsible management of its value chain as a sustainability priority, starting with our own team all the way through to our suppliers and customers. 

We are working to increase transparency, advance positive action for people and for the planet, support risk identification and mitigation, and measure and reduce scope 3 emissions of key suppliers. 

Our suppliers constitute a key stakeholder group for the company and as part of its pathway to a net-zero carbon future by 2050, Radisson Hotel Group has partnered with Ecovadis, the world's most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings. This is in support of our efforts to integrate and promote responsible practices and apply sustainability criteria in all areas of the supply chain processes:

  • Green Energy sourcing
  • Net Zero focused sourcing initiatives 
  • Local sourcing initiatives 
  • Eliminate single-use plastics 
  • Transition to cage-free eggs 
  • Partnership with EcoVadis for CSR visibility in supply chain

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