Beautiful Germany

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Whether you’re hungry for bratwurst, modern art, nature or historic sights, Germany has it all!

World-class beer, high-quality automobiles, Gutenberg Press, and Bavaria’s stunning beauty are all synonymous with Germany. Well-known for being philosophic, practical, progressive, and positive, book a trip to the ''country of poets and thinkers'' for your heart, mind, and soul.

Expect captivating close-ups of medieval times, majestic panoramic views from hills and landmarks, wondrous woods, and glorious gardens. Dine in castles that have inspired fables and fairy tales. Savor a glass of refreshing Riesling at a vineyard close to Wiesbaden. Head for a tavern in a medieval village or discover the Bauhaus movement in a bustling city. Wander along the ruins of the infamous wall or meet ancient history in the world’s most impressive museums.

Wherever you’ll go, you’ll find pieces of the past in the present moment. That is the essence of Germany.

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Shop till you drop

A must-shop experience awaits on Berlin’s 5th Avenue equivalent; Kurfürstendamm, which coincidentally leads to the renowned KaDeWe shopping mall. An oldie but a goldie, Friedrichstrasse also boasts high-end and high-street stores. In Düsseldorf, you can shop till you drop on KÖ, also known as Königsallee, which culminates at the Schadow Arkaden department store. Likewise, Cologne’s Schildergasse and Hohe Strasse will have everything your shopping heart desires.

Beautiful Germany - Berlin
Beautiful Germany - Baden Baden

Be at one with nature

For a touch of nature, national parks offer wild and natural environments to discover. Stroll through and explore the beautiful Black Forest National Park in Baden-Baden and get up close and personal with the wild wonders of nature let loose. Additionally, Dessau’s Fläming National Park also offers a delightful escape from the city and into the wild, where fantastic fauna and flora live and grow. And the State Museum of Natural History Stuttgart provides you with some interesting background knowledge.

Soak up art and culture

Explore the finer and older things in life and visit The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen in Dresden, containing some of the finest works of art, such as the Grünes Gewölbe (Green Vault). The Grassi Museum in Leipzig will dazzle with its three in one exhibits contained in the Ethnography Museum, Musical Instruments Museum, and Applied Arts Museum.
Beautiful Germany - Dresden

Our hotels in Germany

All of our hotels are located either in city centers or very close to the best sightseeing spots. You will find 33 unique hotels across the country, all serving you to explore this beautiful country. Discover big cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt or Cologne. Enjoy some Hanseatic flair in Hamburg, Rostock or Wismar. Or visit historic sites in Lubeck, Hannover, Nuremberg or near Karlsruhe. And then there is more. The choice is yours.