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Donate points for Ukrainian refugees

Donate your points to children and families in need - Ukrainian refugees

As the recent events in the Ukrainian and the region unfold, Radisson Hotel Group is working tirelessly to offer care and support to Ukrainian refugees. 

To channel your generosity, Radisson Hotel Group has launched the initiative #RadissonHelps, for fundraising, where your donations will be used to support humanitarian aid covering immediate needs: 

  • Support practical financial needs 
  • Provide housing and basics needs support to get started 
  • Provide psychological support You can help too by donating your Radisson Rewards points which will be converted to cash for the cause. 

In addition, Radisson Rewards commits to donate 10 million points converted into cash for the benefit of the cause. Although the funds will be handled directly by Radisson Hotel Group, we’re collaborating closely with local charities to determine the best ways to support with your donations. 

Here's how it works: 

  1. Log in to your Radisson Rewards account 
  2. Request a donation of points to support 
  3. Select the number of points you would like to donate, redeeming a minimum of 3,000 points, in increments of 1,000 points.

Alternatively, contact us by phone

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