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Find answers to your frequently asked questions regarding Radisson Rewards

General information

Our tier structure
In our program, we have a tier structure offering a refreshingly simple experience. Radisson Rewards has three tiers with benefits starting from day 1. In the program, we offer a faster way to get to the Premium tier. You will only need 3 stays and 5 nights to enjoy a personalized experience with dedicated benefits in your Favorite Hotel, and you can also choose how you want to be rewarded.

More flexibility to redeem your points
You have access to more flexibility in redeeming points. Whether it's to book your next stay with us or pay with points in hotel for your stay and on all services, you can use any combination of points and cash to get a free Award Night or discounts.

Functionalities to make the most of your points
Need more points? Combine your points to access greater rewards. You can transfer points to and receive points from any member in the program. You can also refer your friends and family in the program to earn more points.

Always here to help
Get assistance from our exclusive Premium and VIP Contact Centers for any questions regarding your accounts or travel needs. This dedicated toll-free line makes it easy to access one of our Radisson Rewards Member Care Specialists, ensuring faster resolutions to your queries.
All your points are valid until at least December 2023. To extend the validity for an additional 2 years, simply use your points.

Radisson Rewards Corporate Program

The loyalty program of Radisson Hotel Group for Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific for Corporations. Application for Radisson Rewards for Corporates is open to corporations who have been invited and approved by Radisson Rewards, in its sole discretion.

My account

Accessing my account

You can create a Radisson Rewards account by enrolling in the program directly at our hotels during your stay, on our website, or by getting in touch with our Contact Center.
You can log in to your account by clicking on the Sign in button on the top right corner of the homepage. Use your email or Radisson Rewards number with the configured password to access your account. You can update your password at any moment.
Yes, joining Radisson Rewards is completely free and easy.
If you're already a member, click on "Activate your account" on the Sign in page or fill in your details here.
To reset your password, simply log in to your account and go to your personal information section. Here you will be able to set up a new password for your account.
If you forgot your password and are unable to connect to your account, you can request to reset your password.
If you did not receive the password reset email, please verify the email address you've entered is correct or call Member Services for assistance. Be sure to have your 16-digit Radisson Rewards number available.
If you cannot access your account, please verify your credentials are correct or call Member Services for assistance. Be sure to have your 16-digit Radisson Rewards number available.

My information

You can edit your profile details by accessing the "My personal information" section in your account.
You can edit your profile details and your email address by accessing the "My profile" tab on your account. Make sure to confirm the change in the email you will receive on the newly added email address.
Unfortunately, you cannot change the name on your account. Please call Member Services for any further assistance.
After updating your information on your profile, the redemption option will be disabled for 24-hours for security reasons. After this delay, you will be able to redeem your points normally.
Yes, you can select My Favorite Hotel in your account once you've reached Premium tier. 
With My Favorite Hotel, you also access benefits dedicated to you: 
  • A Priority List to book in your Favorite Hotel when fully booked. To access the Priority List, simply contact your favorite hotel, if they receive a cancellation, you will be the first to be contacted to make your booking. 
  • My Favorite Room. You can save your Favorite Room. It will be assigned to you at check-in upon availability. 
  • My Luggage Storage. Store your luggage for a weekend or more to feel at home in your Favorite Hotel.
Yes, you can save your room preference once you've reached Premium tier. Once you have selected a Favorite Hotel in your account, you will also be able to choose your Favorite Room. Your Favorite Room will be assigned to you according to availability at check-in.
Discount Booster (Up to 20% discount): Up to 20% discount may be applied to the member when the option is enabled on the account. The Discount Booster option can only be selected by each member via Radisson Rewards private area on the Brand website or Radisson Hotel App. The discount is applied only for bookings made directly on Radisson Hotel Group direct channels, including Brand website, Radisson Hotel App, Radisson Hotel Group Contact Center and directly in Radisson Hotels. The Discount Booster is not applicable to certain promotional rates. When the Discount Booster is selected at the time of booking, the Premium member will earn 9 points per dollar spent and the VIP member will earn 12 points per dollar spent.

Communication preferences

You can choose your communications preferences in the Preference Center in "My personal information" section of your account.

My membership

You can access your Digital Card on the Radisson Hotel App and add it in your wallet on both iOS and Android. Simply log in to your account in our app to add your card in your wallet.
Your Radisson Rewards number is your unique identification for Radisson Rewards. You will need to add this number to all your bookings to earn points. Your Radisson Rewards number is assigned to you at the moment of enrollment. To know what your Radisson Rewards number is, log in to your account using your email and password. In your account, you'll be able to access your Radisson Rewards number and current point balance.

My reservations

You can access your upcoming reservations, past stays, and canceled reservations in the "My Reservations" section of your account.
You may modify or cancel a reservation online directly in your account. Because all Radisson Hotels brands are connected to our central reservation system, you will have access to all your reservations if your Radisson Rewards was entered at the moment of booking. If you cannot see one of your reservations, select "My reservations" from the menu at the top of the website and then "Find your reservations," entering your name and the confirmation number you received when making your booking.
You can access your upcoming reservations, past stays, and canceled reservations in the "My Reservations" section of your account.

Account management

Points belonging to a deceased Radisson Rewards member may be transferred to the Radisson Rewards account of the deceased member’s beneficiary(ies) at our sole discretion. The transfer request must include documentation showing proof of death, such as a death certificate, and proof of authority to make the request, such as court documents or the decedent’s will. Requests must be made within one (1) year of the date of death or the deceased member’s account will be closed and all points will be forfeited. 
Contact our Member Services to arrange the transfer of points and to close the account.
Yes, you can merge two Radisson Rewards accounts. Simply contact our Member Services via phone or email to request the merge. Both accounts must belong to you for the merging to be eligible.
Yes. Membership is open to non-professional travel arrangers, executive assistants, and administrative staff at small and medium enterprises who make hotel bookings on behalf of their company’s business travelers. Members must reside in an eligible country. Please see our program terms and conditions for a list of eligible countries and more details on obligations and participation.

My vouchers

Vouchers are personalized benefits awarded to you to thank you for your loyalty. To learn more about your available Voucher codes, go to the "My vouchers" section of your account. You will be able to see what your Voucher can be used on, as well as the validity and terms and conditions.
No, you cannot buy or redeem points to obtain a Voucher. Vouchers are awarded to you based on your activity with us.
To use the Voucher codes that have been awarded to you, please go to your account's "My vouchers" section. Here you will have access to all your valid Voucher codes and have more information on what you can use them on.

My tier and benefits


Radisson Rewards program has three tiers: 

  • Club: Our entry level tier where you'll enjoy benefits from day 1 and easy access to our Premium tier. 
  • Premium: With Premium, you are in the powerhouse of the program. 
  • VIP: Our highest and most exclusive tier where you'll enjoy benefits tailor-made for you.
As soon as you register, you become a Club member of Radisson Rewards. To upgrade to the next tier, you need to accumulate eligible nights and stays. 
From Club to Premium tier, you need to reach 5 nights or 3 stays. 
From Premium to VIP tier, you need to reach 30 nights or 20 stays.
Yes, if you book through a third party vendor, the nights and stays will be counted towards your next tier. To make sure your nights and stays are taken into account, please provide your Radisson Rewards number when checking in on your next stay. 
We recommend booking through Radisson Hotel's direct channels such as Radisson website, our app, our Contact Center, or through a hotel to be rewarded with the best rates thanks to our Member Only Rate and earn points for your stays.
The tier status of every member will be evaluated yearly. By meeting the requisites of your tier yearly, you will maintain your tier status.

Tier qualifications

An eligible stay or night is a night or a stay in a Participating Property that is booked at an eligible rate. 
To know more about eligible rates and bookings, please check our terms and conditions.
As soon as you register you become a Club member, which can be upgraded to Premium by staying for five nights. To go from Premium to VIP, you have to stay at least 30 nights.
As soon as you register you become a Club member, which can be upgraded to Premium after three stays. To go from Premium to VIP, you have to complete 20 stays.
Your tier is calculated based on the number of eligible nights or stays accumulated over the course of one year. To upgrade to Premium tier, you will need 3 stays or 5 nights. To upgrade to VIP tier, you will need 20 stays or 30 nights.

Advantages & Benefits

Club members benefit from Member Only Rates, Priority Line and a 10% discount on food and beverages from the moment they join Radisson Rewards except in the following restaurants

ENEKO BASQUE at Radisson Collection Sevilla 

ENEKO BASQUE at Radisson Collection Brussels 

NKO at Radisson Collection Bilbao 

ISSEI at Radisson Collection Tallinn 

SHANGHAI KITCHEN at Radisson Collection Brussels 

BISTROT BERTARELLI at Radisson Collection Touring Club Milan 

ZOJA at Radisson Collection Palazzo Nani Venice 

LONA at Radisson Blu Madrid 

VELOCE MILANO at Radisson Collection Touring Club Milan 

ATRIUM BAR at Radisson Collection Berlin 

ISTROS BAR at Radisson RED Vienna 

BALAUSTINE at Radisson Collection Berlin 

SARAI at Radisson RED Vienna 

ISSEI at Radisson Collection Stockholm 

BALAUSTINE at Radisson Blu Hamburg 

STOKE at Radisson RED Liverpool 

ENEKO BASQUE at Radisson RED Naples 

ISSEI at Radisson Collection Copenhagen 

ITALIAN CONCEPT at Radisson RED London Heathrow 

ISSEI at Radisson Dubai Damac Hills

NKO & NKO ROOFTOP at Radisson RED Madrid 

SOFIA & NKO at Radisson Collection Santa Sofia Milan

Premium members enjoy all the Club member rewards as well as free room upgrades, My Favorite Hotel, and Discount Booster benefits among others, such as free early check-in and check-out and a free night.
Yes, Premium members can enjoy a free room upgrade to the next category room and VIP members to the best category room (suites not guaranteed in selected hotels). Free room upgrades are subject to availability and not guaranteed in Residences, Apartments, and long stay rates.
VIP members enjoy all benefits from other tiers plus a 15% discount on food and beverages, exclusive VIP area access, and a free breakfast for two.
To benefit from our Member Only Rate, you need to be a Radisson Rewards member and book your stays directly with us via our website or app, Contact Center, or directly with our hotels. The discount will be applied only if the member is the registered guest at least in one of the rooms booked.
The Discount Booster option is accessible to Premium and VIP members only, and enables you to receive up to a 20% discount on all your bookings. You can activate this option in your account, by going to the "Rewards preferences" section. When the Discount Booster plan is activated, you will receive up to a 20% discount and earn 9 points per $ instead of 27 points as a Premium member, and 12 points per $ instead of 36 points as a VIP member. You can activate or deactivate the Discount Booster option at any moment in your account.

Status Match

Yes, if you have an Elite status in another Hotel Loyalty Program, you can benefit from a status match in Radisson Rewards and directly access our Premium tier. 
To request a Status Match, please contact our Member Services by phone or via our contact form. 
You must provide proof of your current membership with another hotel program. If a Status Match is granted, it is valid for the current program year only and is a courtesy that can be granted as long as you did not have a Status Match within the last five years.

My points

Points earning mechanics

The points earned for your stay are calculated based on the amount spent on booking your room along with any food and beverage expenses made during your stay. 
Points accrual differs according to your tier: 

  • Club members earn 8 points per $ spent 
  • Premium members earn 27 points per $ spent 
  • VIP members earn 36 points per $ spent

Earned points are added on your points balance 7 to 10 days after check out.

Your points balance is available in your account. 
You can also check how many points you've earned for each booking in your activity statement.
Your points are valid for 24 months from the day they are added to your account.
To extend the validity of your points for an additional 24 months, you need to either book or use your points (buy/gift/transfer points to extend the validity of your points).
To get more information on points expiration, please get in touch with our Contact Center by phone or via our contact form.


You can earn points on: 
  • Every eligible hotel stay booked directly with us through our website, app, Contact Center, or at one of our hotels with an eligible rate. A maximum of 9 rooms can be booked at a time. A reservation of more than 9 rooms will be considered as a group reservation and Event Bookings earning proposition will be applied.   
  • All expenses made on food and beverages at our participating restaurants during your stay (alcohol beverages excluded). 
  • Meetings & Events. You can earn 5 points per $ spent on booking a meeting room at one of our hotels or by organizing a meeting with us. Nights or stays booked for someone else or associated with a meeting or event do not count towards your Elite Tier.  
  • With one of our partners. You can earn points by renting a car, shopping in Bicester Village, and on booking experiences in the destination of your choice.
You will earn points on eligible rates when booking directly through Radisson Hotels direct channels (website, app, Contact Center, and hotel). 
An eligible rate is a rate identified in Radisson's reservation system as eligible for earning points. Eligible rates do not include, without limitation, the following: employee rates; friends and family rates; airline crew rates; travel agency employee rates; certain promotional and package rates; rates paid using a free night Voucher, and other complimentary or barter rooms; rates booked through an online travel company, whether such rates are direct, auction or bid rates; rates booked and billed through a master account, including group accounts and tour operator accounts; and certain other rates booked through third parties.

To earn points on your stays, ensure you follow these steps: 

  1. Book through a Radisson Hotels direct channel (website, app, Contact Center, and hotel) with your Radisson Rewards number.
  2. Make sure the hotel you have selected participates in Radisson Rewards.
    *Hotels that do not participate are Radisson Hotel, Rosa Khutor (Sochi, Russia) and Park Inn by Radisson Rosa Khutor (Sochi, Russia).
Yes. Since May 1st, 2023, prizeotel is a participating property of Radisson Hotels. Reservations prior to the 1st of May 2023 will not be eligible for points.
Please allow 7–10 days from your departure date for your points to be posted to your account.
You will earn your points in approximately 4-6 weeks after completing your purchase with the partner. If your points are still pending, our partner will be able to advise you on the status of your request.
Radisson Rewards Experiences allow you to enjoy memorable experiences such as booking tours and activities in our destinations to earn points. Make sure you book on the Radisson Rewards Experiences page, and enter your loyalty number when you complete your reservation to earn points.
You will earn 15 points per $ spent and may earn more points during promotional periods. You can also enjoy discounts and other benefits as a member. 
Your earned points will reflect in your account in the month following your completed reservation when booked on an eligible platform.
If you booked on Radisson Rewards Experiences, you can retroactively claim points where eligible by contacting within 6 months of the reservation being completed. Please send your name, loyalty number, and the reservation details to claim your missing points.
To claim your missing points, please contact our Member Services and provide your Radisson Rewards number and reservation number.
To claim your missing points, please contact our Member Services and provide your Radisson Rewards number and reservation number.
No, you will not earn points on your bookings done with a third-party vendor, and cannot retroactively claim points. Only bookings made directly with Radisson Hotels will accrue points. 
Nights booked through a third-party vendor will contribute to your tier status, and you will be eligible for the respective benefits in the hotel during your stay.
No, you cannot earn points on bookings done before joining Radisson Rewards. For more information, please see our Terms and Conditions.
Yes, you can enroll during your check-in to ensure you will receive points for your stay.
Yes, you can refer a friend or a family member to Radisson Rewards to earn bonus points. Both you and the person referred to the program will earn points after their first stay with us.
Yes, you can refer a friend to the program to earn bonus points. For each referral, you and the person referred to our program will earn 1,000 bonus points. To earn your bonus points, the new member should have completed at least one stay at one of our properties and checked out. The points will be credited on both accounts within 7 to 10 days after the check-out day. 
As a referent of the program, you can earn up to 50,000 bonus points per year and can refer as many people as you want.
Yes, when you are referred to our program you will earn 1,000 bonus points after your first stay at one of our properties. The points will be added to your account 7 to 10 days after your check-out
No, as the points are calculated based on your stay bill, food and beverages consumed without a hotel stay associated are not eligible for point accrual.

Manage my points

Yes, you can purchase points using the Buy and Gift Points functionality and gift them to the person of your choice. This person needs to be enrolled in the program to be eligible.
Yes, you can convert your points into Airline Miles. 
For that you have two options: 
  • You can choose the auto conversion option: Every 10,000 Radisson Rewards points earned will automatically be converted to the airline you have selected to transfer to, which you can choose from your earn preferences in your account by linking your airline's frequent flyer number. 
  • You can choose to convert your points in increments of 2,000, 50,000, or 100,000 points to airline miles at the ratio specified per partner. 
Please note that the redemption option may vary by airline. Miles may take 4-6 weeks to be posted to your frequent flyer account.


Points can be used as a payment method to book a stay, make donations, to convert to Airline Miles, or to get a Priority pass. You can also pay for your stay with points at check-out, using from 10 points to pay for your room, acting as a discount on your stay.
Yes. You can use your points to book your next stay at any of our hotels and resorts.

To redeem your points on a booking:

1. Select a destination and go in the booking search 

2. Select the room with the label "Pay with points" 

3. On the check-out page select "Use my points". You can choose how many points you would like to use. If you don't have enough points to cover the full cost of a room, you can use a combination of points and cash. 

4. Click on redeem

No. To modify the amount of points used to book your stay, you need to cancel your booking and make a new one using the new amount of points.
You will be able to redeem points for hotel stays up to 600USD per night via website, app or contact center. For hotel stays over 600USD, members can redeem points at the check-out desk.
Yes, the nights and stays acquired on all bookings made through our online channels, whether paid in cash or points, count towards your next tier.
No, however, you have the possibility to earn points when booking a Radisson Rewards Experience in the city of your choice.
Yes, you can use your points to pay for the service of your choice during your stay at a Radisson Hotels property. Simply make your request at front desk. The amount payable will be deducted in points from your total bill.
Yes, you can convert your points into Airline Miles and get your free flight faster with one of our airline partners.
No. By booking with one of our rental car partners, you will be able to earn points when you complete your reservation. Make sure you book via the specified partner page, and include your Radisson Rewards number in the reservation to earn the points.
Yes, you can redeem a minimum of 3,000 points to the charity of your choice.
No. Your tier is calculated only on the number of nights or stays accrued for the last 12 months since the enrollment date or last upgrade.
No. You can maintain your tier for another 12 months by accumulating the sufficient amount of nights or stays to remain in your tier.
Yes, you can use your points to book for someone else. Before confirming your booking, make sure to update the name of the guest who will be staying at the property. If the names of the booker and the person staying do not match while checking in, the hotel has the right to cancel the reservation.

Buy & Gift Points

With Buy Points, you can purchase up to 80,000 Radisson Rewards points for yourself per calendar year. With Gift Points, you can purchase up to 250,000 Radisson Rewards points for another Radisson Rewards member per calendar year. 
Purchased points will take up to three days to award in to the respective Radisson Rewards account. 
Purchased points transactions are not refundable, and purchased and received points are not exchangeable. All purchase terms and conditions and all standard Radisson Rewards terms and conditions apply.
You may use any valid Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club, or Discover Card.
Our designated vendor, Points.com, will process and charge your credit card for your purchase.
When you complete the online transaction, you will receive a confirmation number. Keep your confirmation number available until the points are deposited. You will also receive two emails. The first (a receipt) is sent when you complete the online transaction. The second (a confirmation) is sent when the full transaction is completed. 
If you do not receive any of these emails, please check your spam folder.
Please allow up to 72 hours for the points to be deposited into the Radisson Rewards account.
On completing the Buy Points transaction, you can view the purchased points in your Radisson Rewards account when you log in to the website with your Radisson Rewards number and password. 
On completing the Gift Points transaction, the member you gifted points to will see the points awarded in their account. Please allow up to 72 hours for the points to be awarded.
We will ask you for the recipient’s email address during the transaction and will send a notification of your gift to that email address when the points are credited to their account. We will also email you a confirmation number so that you know the transaction is complete. You can also add a personalized message to the giftee when making your purchase.
Processing of purchased points takes up to 72 hours. You can use the points once they are credited to the Radisson Rewards account.
No, points may only be purchased online. The 72 hour posting schedule can not be expedited.
No, but you can create a Radisson Rewards account to obtain a Radisson Rewards number by enrolling in the program via the website.
No, but you can create a Radisson Rewards account to obtain a Radisson Rewards number by enrolling in the program via the website.
With Buy Points you can purchase a maximum of 80,000 Radisson Rewards points for yourself per calendar year. With Gift Points, you can be gifted 80,000 Radisson Rewards points per calendar year. 
The maximum Radisson Rewards points any member can earn through purchased points in a calendar year is 160,000 Radisson Rewards points.
No, the purchased points do not count toward your tier status through either Buy Points or Gift Points.
No, the points purchased are non-refundable, non-transferable, and non-exchangeable.
You can redeem your points with Radisson Hotels or with any redemption partner with the exception of Lufthansa's Miles & More program. Members purchasing points or receiving gifted points may not redeem purchased points for miles with Lufthansa’s Miles & More program.

Bookers & Planners

Bookers & Planners program

Radisson Rewards provide additional benefits for travel professionals (travel agents, travel arrangers, planners) who book hotel rooms for their clients or colleagues, or meetings and events in Radisson Hotels across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific. 
By enrolling as a Bookers and Planner member, you can earn points for every booking you make and receive access to exclusive offers and promotions.
You can use the same Radisson Rewards number to earn points and benefits for your personal stays alongside your professional bookings.
As our guest, you are entitled to earn points and benefits according to your tier. Check out "My tier and benefits" section of these FAQs to learn more.
No, you just need to enroll as a Radisson Rewards Bookers and Planners member to earn points for your personal and professional bookings.
As a Radisson Rewards for Bookers & Planners member, you can earn points by booking hotel stays on behalf of others through our eligible channels: 
  • GDS: Learn more about it here.
  • Our website: Learn more about it here.
  • You can also earn points by booking meetings and events, be sure to let the hotel know you are a Radisson Rewards for Bookers & Planners member.
You can earn 10 points per $ spent on room bookings on behalf of others. Earnings are based on eligible stays consumed room charges only, excluding taxes and service charges.
Yes, as a Bookers & Planners member, you’ll earn 10 points per $ spent and the travelers you book for can earn up to 36 points per $ according to their tier. Remember to include the travelers' Radisson Rewards number in each reservation.
Yes, you can refer a client, a colleague, a friend, or a family member to Radisson Rewards. You will both earn 1,000 points after the referee's first stay with us.
You can earn 5 points per $ spent on Meetings & Events and group reservations, up to a maximum of 250,000 points per booking.
You can earn points in various ways such as through our partners (Rental cars, Bicester Village, Musement), by member transfer, referring a member, or buying points. Please check out 'My Points' section of these FAQs to learn more.
You get access to a 24h Exclusive Bookers & Planners Contact Center and enjoy upgrade to Premium status after one professional booking. You can also transfer points between members and use your points, or a combination of points and cash to pay for hotel stays and services.
You will be upgraded to Premium after completing one eligible professional booking or after 3 stays or 5 nights as a guest.
You can enjoy our Member Only Rate, Priority Line, discounts on food and beverages, and much more according to your tier. Check out "My tier and benefits" section of these FAQs to learn more.
The Professional Rate is dedicated to professional travel agents enrolled in Radisson Rewards for Bookers and Planners program with a valid IATA/TIDS/CLIA/TRUE number. With this rate, you can enjoy up to 30% off room rates at Radisson Hotels in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa and up to 50% off room rates at Radisson Hotels in the Asia Pacific.  
If you are not a professional travel agent, you can still benefit from our exclusive Member Only Rate.
Please check out "My points" section of these FAQs to learn more.
No, participation is by individual account only. Pooling of points or team accounts is considered fraudulent and will result in the loss of all points. Please see the program terms and conditions for details.

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