Welcome to "The Thuringian Rome"

Not every hotel has the privilege of standing near fine works of medieval architecture and on streets where Bach, Goethe, Napoleon, and Tzar Alexander once roamed. Our city center location is within walking distance of the cathedral where Martin Luther was ordained in 1507, which houses the 500-year-old Gloriosa Bell. Corporate travelers also appreciate being able to stay near the Kaisersaal Conference Center and Erfurt Trade Fair. Check out some of our suggestions for nearby attractions below.

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St. Augustine's Monastery

0.32 mi / 0.51 km from the hotel
Visit the monastery where Protestant Reformation figurehead Martin Luther once lived as a monk. The city's Cathedral of St. Mary is where he was ordained.
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Citadel Petersberg

0.78 mi / 1.25 km from the hotel
Explore this well-preserved baroque fortress, built in the 17th century, and learn about its many rulers, including Sweden, Prussia, Napoleon and the German Empire.
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Merchant's Bridge

0.24 mi / 0.39 km from the hotel
Wander this medieval bridge and visit its half timbered houses. Also called the Krämerbrücke, it stretches of the Gera river, offering local cuisine and souvenirs.
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