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Health & Safety

Committed to delivering a clean and safe environment through health and safety protocols

As COVID-19 continues and the world evolves to the new normal, Radisson Hotels continue their proactive efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of our guests. 

RHG Safety Protocols

As part of the Radisson Hotels Safety Protocol, our top priority is maintaining the highest levels of safety in accordance with each country’s local regulations. Prevention steps include disinfecting all key entry points, including buffet areas and high touch points in public areas. A personalized contactless service is being offered throughout our properties wherever possible. Our team members’ health is monitored, and they receive regular Covid prevention training. In addition, we continuously monitor indoor air quality, and select hotels are adding CO2 meters in areas such as meeting rooms and fitness centers.

PCR testing

To facilitate the return of travel, Radisson Hotels are able to direct guests to an easily accessible and affordable PCR testing location. In addition, selected hotels will offer PCR testing on location for groups or individuals, or self-sampling PCR tests via the Group’s specialized partners.

Access to medical assistance for your peace of mind

Our hotel teams are ready to assist to help ensure the safety and well-being of everyone. As part of our continued efforts to help our guests enjoy a relaxed stay with us, our hotels can provide information on locally available medical assistance and support. If you or someone in your traveling party are feeling ill, our team members will do all they can to connect guests with the best locally available resources and local medical advisors. Our team can advise you on the nearest pharmacies and stores to purchase personal protective equipment kits, masks, and other medical necessities.

Flexibility in cancellation

We are constantly updating our global cancellation policy with the aim to offer you as much flexibility and planning comfort as possible. Our policy is subject to local regulations and variations applicable to the hotel legal entity. Please see more on this page.

Travel advisory

To help you stay on top of global restrictions and guidelines, we would like to share Travel Weekly’s handy tool with you. Find updated information about entry regulations around the world including quarantine requirements, travel restrictions, required testing, or documents. Adjust the filters and see what you need to do and bring with you depending on your passport, country of departure, and your destination. Disclaimer: Please be sure to stay up to date with the current travel regulations of your country and the country you plan on visiting, as restrictions, rules, and regulations are constantly changing. Radisson Hotels is not responsible for the information and content on Travel Weekly’s COVID entry rules map.

What are the new protocols?

A new 20-step protocol for hotels and 10-step protocol for meeting and event spaces is currently being introduced to our hotels. New cleaning and disinfection procedures, increased attention to safety in communal spaces, protective equipment, and updated training for team members are included in the new protocols. All our worldwide locations are being briefed on these protocols and strongly encouraged to implement them. These protocols describe specific processes and measures that are designed to make you feel confident when you visit us. Read the outlined steps below or watch the video with more details.

Our hotels’ 20-step cleaning and safety protocol

During this challenging time, Radisson Hotels seeks to make each guest feel safe and secure. So we’ve partnered with SGS to create a 20-step cleaning and safety protocol to address the health issues that are important to you while you travel. Our hotels are employing disinfection and cleaning procedures to keep guest rooms and public spaces to the highest standard of cleanliness.
A drawn illustration of guests standing 6 feet apart in hotel lobby.

1. Physical distancing

Implement physical distancing measures throughout the hotel.

A drawn illustration of a hotel worker cleaning an elevator.

2. Increase cleaning and disinfecting

Increase cleaning and disinfecting frequency throughout the hotel, paying attention to high-touch items.

A drawn illustration of clean air coming from a vent and circling around the hotel room.

3. Air circulation

Improve air circulation processes to increase air quality.

A drawn illustration of hotel team member standing behind a partition, helping a guest check-in

4. Protective barrier

Install protective screens at the front desk. (Optional)

A drawn illustration of a hotel guest using a hand sanitizing station near the lobby.

5. Sanitizing stations

Install alcohol-based hand sanitizing and glove stations near the front entrance and public areas.

A drawn illustration of a hotel team member disinfecting a key card.

6. Disinfect key cards

Provide clean and disinfected key cards upon check-in.

A drawn illustration of a hotel door with a hang tag indicating the room has been cleaned.

7. Door hangers

Display door hanger with cleaning and disinfecting information.

A drawn illustration of a hotel room desk with a small bottle of hand sanitizer

8. Travel-size hand sanitizer

Provide each guest room with a travel-size hand sanitizer.

A drawn illustration of hotel housekeeping cleaning high touch surfaces in the hotel room.

9. TV remote

Provide a clean and disinfected TV remote.

A drawn illustration of washers and dryers, and a thermostat at high temperature.

10. Linens

Wash all linens at a high temperature for optimal disinfection.

A drawn illustration of a hotel guest wiping down a stationary bike.

11. Pool and other wellness areas

Provide sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in our fitness and wellness centers.

A drawn illustration of a hotel guest leaving their room key card in the express check-out box.

12. Online check-in and check-out

Provide express check-out to minimize contact and offer online check-in (select hotels)

A drawn illustration of accepting credit cards in machine, and cash is highly discouraged.

13. Methods of payment

Offer cash-free methods of payment.

A drawn illustration of hotel food selection, individually wrapped.

14. Breakfast

Offer redesigned breakfast option, in line with local legislation.

A drawn illustration of tables at a restaurant with arrow between showing 6 feet distance.

15. Bars and restaurants

Space tables apart in restaurants and bars to provide physical distancing.

A drawn illustration of wait staff delivering a covered food plate, while wearing personal protective equipment.

16. Food safety

Adhere to the strict safety procedures while serving all food and beverages.

A drawn illustration of a hotel guest eating food in hotel room.

17. Minibar

Provide a clean and desinfected minibar (select brands)

A drawn illustration of a hotel team member watching a training video on a computer.

18. Team training

Provide team members with comprehensive hygiene and prevention training program.

A drawn illustration of hotel team members entering work, and getting their temperature taken.

19. Team member temperature checks

Monitor team member health when legally permitted or required.

A drawn illustration of a front desk hotel team member behind a protective barrier, wearing a face mask and gloves.

20. Team member PPE

Provide team members with personal protective equipment.