Radisson Blu Hotel, Bucharest - Brain Food Buffet

Food & Beverage

We believe food is central, not an extra

Tempting, healthy, and sustainable food

Our flexible concept can be tailored to events of any size, delivering universally high-quality ingredients and menus, mixed with localized touches and inspiring presentations. Whether you’re a busy M&E planner or occasional event booker, we take the worry out of catering decisions, ensuring a memorable and local food and beverage experience for every type of dietary need.

Radisson Meetings - Food and beverage


Who said healthy food can't be delicious and tempting? We put as much care and attention into healthy staples as we do into the more indulgent moments. We believe a truly good diet is a matter of balance, with little comforts sprinkled throughout our menus—just enough to help you relax and feel at ease.

Local ceramics and tableware have been curated to suit each region, creating an eclectic and visually inspiring presentation style that complements our food and brings a welcoming local feel.


We understand that your meeting attendees don’t want to change their routines while traveling for work. So at the heart of each creative menu is an emphasis on high quality, fresh ingredients and a range of healthy options to suit any diet, culture, or lifestyle.

We believe plant-based meals can be delicious and offer health benefits for everyone. We aim to integrate up to 40% vegan and vegetarian options into every event, as well as gluten-free and other allergen alternatives, to meet the needs of all attendees.

Radisson Meetings - Food and beverage
Radisson Blu Leogrand Hotel, Chisinau - Restaurant Buffet


We'll be honest, creating a sustainable yet scalable F&B offering isn't always easy. But we've worked hard to ensure our menus are designed around regional ingredients, with a focus on seasonal availability and reduced food wastage. We work closely with our network of trusted and reliable suppliers to build traceability from "farm to fork", and aim to minimize our impact on the fishing and livestock industry as much as possible. 

Find out more about our "Think Planet" Responsible Business strategy here.