Explore the nearby sights in Riyadh

The ancient history of Saudi Arabia is evidenced in the city's and country's archaeological and historical sights, some of which are near the hotel. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia guests will find interesting destinations such as Masmak Fortress, malls, markets, and museums. Don't miss the chance to discover the intriguing exhibits at the National Museum. Read more details about our suggestions below.

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Park Avenue

11 mi / 17.7 km from the hotel
Situated in Qurtuba, this modern shopping center features plenty of shops as well as a cinema, bowling, and laser tag. When you're done, take a break on the outdoor terrace with a bite to eat or a coffee.

Granada Center

7.68 mi / 12.35 km from the hotel
Go souvenir or window shopping at Granada Center, a large shopping mall located in the Al-Shuhada neighborhood of Riyadh. Take an afternoon for some retail therapy with over 300 shops and a choice of many different dining options.

Riyadh Front Entertainment Venue and Cinemas

11.83 mi / 19.03 km from the hotel
Spend a few hours browsing Riyadh's eye-catching shopping center, and then catch up on recent Hollywood hits at the local movie theater.

Janadriyah Cultural and Heritage Festival Venue

20.34 mi / 32.74 km from the hotel
When visiting at the cusp of winter and spring, make sure to enjoy the city's two-week cultural festival, which takes place each year. Learn about local history, enjoy traditional arts and craft, and eat your way through the streets of Riyadh.

Princess Noura University

12.19 mi / 19.62 km from the hotel
Established in 1970, this beautiful campus is home to the world's largest women's university, spanning more than 3 million square meters. Its sleek, modern architecture blends seamlessly with intricate latticed facades.

Business Gate

9.53 mi / 15.33 km from the hotel
Not far from the airport, you can find one of the key business hubs in Riyadh, Business Gate, which contains several large multinational companies. The center provides co-working and office spaces, as well as featuring beautiful green landscaping.