Bayrak Tepe Tabiat Parki

Bayraktepe Nature Park sits on the north shore of Turkey in Samsun and was officially declared a natural park by the Ministry under the scope of the National Parks system in 2015. The Natural Park, which has a 132-hectare area, was assigned to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality in May 2016 for a period of five years. Bayrak Tepe Tabiat Parki offers three different parks for guests to explore, including Bayraktepe Natural Park, Bayrak Tepe Piknik Park Alani, and Bayrak Tepe Tabiat Parki. Of the three parks, Bayrak Tepe was chosen by the Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs to carry out projects uniquely designed to attract local and foreign tourists to the Samsun region and Samsun metropolitan area, giving tourists and locals more access to beautiful nature areas bordering the Black Sea.

Explore regional flora and fauna

Bayrak Tepe Tabiat Parki offers vegetation unique to the region within three forests, along with the vegetation of the Black Sea. The main vegetation in the area consists of beech, hornbeam, and oak. There are shrub groups and grassy vegetation along the forest floor and other places as well as juniper and broom bush, wild pomegranate, menengiç, ruskus, holly, geyikdikeni, and blackberry. Other fruits and vegetation can also be found in the region.

Animal life and bird watching

Visitors to the region can also catch a glimpse of the various animals that call Bayrak Tepe Tabiat Parki home including foxes, martens, poppy, rabbits, squirrels, and hedgehogs. This lush forested area is also a popular locale for bird watching, as there are many songbirds living in the forest, as well as woodpeckers and gulls, due to the forest's proximity to beach areas and its long coastline. The forest is also filled with various reptiles, snakes, turtles, and lizards. Bayrak Tepe Tabiat Parki is a natural forest with a stunning visual landscape, that has survived for several generations. Since the province of Samsun is very close to the city center, many customs and traditions in Samsun are also kept in neighborhoods close to this area. The summit of the nature parks contains the remains of the former Samsun Fortress and has been declared an archaeological site.

Making your way through the forests

The park presents an excellent opportunity for visitors to explore the nature of the Black Sea and Samsun region. Guests will have the freedom to take long treks through the forests, observe the beautiful flora and fauna, and choose the option to journey the forest roads via cycle. A picnic can also be arranged in the daily use areas. Samsun may be one of the lesser-known provinces in Turkey, but the Bayrak Tepe Tabiat Parki has some very striking natural and historical sites for all to enjoy.

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