Sangarius Bridge

Roman bridges were the first large bridges ever built in human history, and only a few are left in the world. One of them is the Bridge of Justinian, constructed over the Sakarya River.

Travel to the Byzantine times

The bridge can be found in the Beskopru neighborhood near the city of Sakarya. It is the only arched bridge that has survived from the Byzantine period, and for this reason was recently added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Also known as the Sangarius Bridge, the Bridge of Justinian was built by the East Roman Emperor Justinian I from 558–562 AD to boost communication between Constantinople and the Eastern provinces.

Architectural significance

The Bridge of Justinian demonstrates the exceptional architectural knowledge, organization, and skill of the Romans. It is certainly a landmark worth visiting when you stay in Sakarya.

Good to know

The bridge can only be accessed by pedestrians. Vehicles are not permitted.

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