When it comes to entertainment and leisure, İsfanbul (formerly known as Vialand) really does have it all. Often described as an ‘amusement park,’ it offers so much more than just rides and themed attractions. Here, over 600,000 square meters, you’ll discover a whole world of shopping, sightseeing and hair-raising rollercoasters all in one place. It’s located in the Eyup district and has been operating since 2013. Known to locals as the Turkish Disneyland, you’ll be able to spend at least a whole day in the enormous grounds of this popular complex. 

Thrilling rides and attractions 

Say goodbye to boredom. It’s impossible not to find something to stimulate everyone in the family here. Among the 24 different rides and carousels on offer, highlights include the “Nefeskesen” (Breathtaking) rollercoaster, which reaches 110 km per hour in just 3 seconds, and the Crazy River, an adventure along a 700-meter river and a waterfall. The Justice Tower features an adrenaline-fueled extreme drop from 50 meters. Further entertainment comes in the form of a bowling alley, gorgeous themed streets and open-air concerts which happen throughout the year. 

Shop ‘til you drop 

While the kids play, adults can discover their own personal playground: a gigantic shopping center! It houses more than 200 stores in its three-story Ottoman and European-style shopping streets, with an old-fashioned tram riding between them. The shopping center has an indoor zoo named “Jungle,” which has a lot of reptiles, water creatures and monkeys. There’s also several cinema screens for the movie buff who wants to check out the latest hollywood release or classic film. Of course, when the whole family is hungry, there are many different restaurants and cafes to choose from, with menus to suit every taste and budget. 

Getting the best out of your visit to İsfanbul 

The amusement park can be reached via public buses, local or private taxis or by tour agents offering tickets and transfers. There’s also parking lots with a capacity for 8,000 vehicles on-site. Your ticket will allow you access to all of the attractions inside the park and you can buy a year-pass. Be aware that children below 110cm may not be able to go on all of the rides. It’s also best to visit İsfanbul during weekdays as it can get exceptionally busy on weekends. Whenever you visit and however you get there, people of all age groups are sure to have an incredible time in this extensive entertainment complex.