Novgorod Kremlin

Novgorod Kremlin, or Detinets, towers over the Volkhov River and hosts some of Veliky Novgorod's best known sights, including the Millennium of Russia and Cathedral of St. Sophia. Surrounded by fortified walls around 1.5 kilometers in circumference, visitors can enter the Novgorod Kremlin through two gates - either by the river or by Sofiyskaya Square. 

Novgorod Kremlin is among Russia's oldest, although the fortifications in 1044 were originally made out of wood rather than the stunning red stone of today. First built on an old pagan burial ground, the construction of St. Sophia Cathedral made it a thoroughly Christian site. Guests should set aside ample time to explore the cathedral - Russia's oldest church building - with its austere stone walls and five helmet-shaped domes. Inside the cathedral are Novgorod's famous bronze gates and the graves of many famous people from Russian history. The Millennium of Russia in the main square of the Novgorod Kremlin - a huge bell shaped monument cast in bronze - also commemorates the region's history. Around the circumference, warriors thrust swords into the air while diplomats stand in discussion. Above the bell stands a tall cross, representing the power of the Tsar in Novgorod. 

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