Lake Ilmen

The majestic Volkhov River runs through central Veliky Novgorod, dividing the Kremlin from the commercial center of Yaroslav's Court. Follow it upstream to find Lake Ilmen, a favorite spot for summer fishing and boat trips. A boat trip from Veliky Novgorod up the Volkhov River to Lake Ilmen offers a great opportunity to see the city from a different angle.

Trips to Lake Ilmen

Lake Ilmen originally formed a vital part of the Byzantine trade route, leading Europe out of the Dark Ages by connecting it with the prosperous Arab cities. Visit the lake to enjoy natural beauty and stop off at Lipno Island, home to the 13th century Church of St. Nicholas. History buffs may also be interested in the Yuryev Monastery, a 12th-century complex on the banks of Lake Ilmen. Visitors can catch a water taxi from behind the memorial complex and take a tour past Kremlin beach, Rurik's Fort, the Yuryev village, and Lake Ilmen. Local guides will tell of the area's fascinating history and can provide a tailored tour with preferred sights. From November until late April, Lake Ilmen freezes over. However, in the summer months, the ice melts and visitors can enjoy boat trips and fishing in the lake. Around July, Lake Ilmen gets warm enough to swim in.

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