Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

Though visitors could spend their entire holiday in Sochi on its slopes or beaches, they should not miss out one of the city's highlights: the Sochi Discovery World. This aquarium is the largest in the whole of Russia and a popular visitor attraction. Found in the Adler district of Sochi, the Sochi Aquarium can travel just a few kilometers along the other side of the coast to see one of Sochi's other delights, Sochi Park.

What to see at the Sochi Discovery World Aquarium

This massive aquarium sprawls over 6000 square meters and contains over 30 individual aquariums and 5 million litres of water. Visitors start their experience with a walk through the tropical forest, complete with a waterfall and a bridge crossing over an open pond teeming with carp. Sochi Aquarium houses exotic species from across the world like piranhas, discus and gourami, so visitors should keep their eyes peeled. Further along, visitors will pass by several seahorses, stingrays, catfish and even sharks. Surrounded by water in all directions, visitors can feel like they have been completely immersed in the sea. Thankfully, the glass is at least 7 centimeters thick to keep the sharks well at bay. Rosa Khutor Sochi Aquarium and most of Sochi's attractions are easy to reach from our hotel, which is found at the Rosa Khutor Apline Resort in Krasnaya Polyana. Tempting dishes at the restaurant, well balanced cocktails, unparalleled alpine views, friendly staff and sumptuous surroundings are what make this one of the most popular and upscale hotels in Krasnaya Polyana. Whether guests want to explore Sochi's beaches or head for the mountains, the hotel can help guests make the most of their stay.