Astana Opera

Enjoy opera, orchestral music, or a ballet performance in this world-class modern theater with neoclassical architecture. A pet project of the President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, the opera draws inspiration from leading opera houses around the world with a design that strike a balance between a classic Greco-Roman style and Kazakh design traditions. It seems the President himself made the initial sketches of the opera house.

The architecture and acoustics

The colorful and grand design of the Opera house impresses everyone. All the decorative elements, which make the venue grandiose, are handmade. Admire the multi-colored marble floors with geometric patterns and traditional Kazakh ornaments woven into motifs on the walls. The paintings on the walls showcase the natural beauty of the country with masterful deption of the famous Charyn Canyon and the forested Burabay resort. The floor is made of birchwood, beech and cherry and contribute to the acoustics of the venue. The opera director is particularly proud of the fact that the voices of the artists on stage can be heard and enjoyed wonderfully by everyone in the hall. The main stage is massive and there are also additional side stages. The hall can sit more than 1,000 people in a grand setting that is reminiscent of the Golden Age of opera. The plush red and gold interior of the venue adds to the experience of watching classical performances in a neo-classical setting.

The performances

The opera house has its own orchestra, ballet, and opera troupes and it also hosts international troupes. The repertoire of the venue includes works of prominent national and international composers. The opera house aims to make opera and ballet a part of the Kazakhi cultural essence and also showcase the country's rich classical music heritage to the world.

Good to know

Astana Opera is an accessible venue with a barrier-free environment that includes wide doorways, safe ramps, a special elevator and other necessary attributes that enable the safe and comfortable viewing of performances and concerts.

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