Wilhelmstrasse Boulevard

A trip to Wiesbaden wouldn't be complete without a shopping spree on the on famous Wilhelmstrasse full of exclusive fashion and jewelry designs. Enjoy a beautiful stroll along this stylish street and shop your heart out in the many unique shops and boutiques focusing on individuality and originality. Whether you prefer high-end German brands or international designers, there's a shop to match your style. Known by locals as "Rue," there's more to this historic boulevard than shops. Take a break and unwind with a drink or light meal at one of the many bars and cafés before hitting the pavement once more. Stretching 900 meters, this exquisite street also offers architectural gems and reached onto Warmer Damm, a tranquil park with a serene pond. Whatever your fancy, Wilhelmstrasse will impress on every level.

History of the boulevard

Wilhelmstrasse is an urban boulevard, nicknamed by the locals "Rue," and is one of the busiest and famous upscale shopping streets. The first plans of the boulevard go back to 1806, when Carl Florian Goetz planned an "Alleestraße" between the spa area and the newly established Friedrichstrasse. Throughout the first part of the 1800s, the boulevard had been redesigned and renamed with the name of the Nassau Duke Wilhelm I of Nassau-Weilburg, who ruled from 1816 to 1839, the Dutchy of Nassau. Wilhelmstrasse leads from Kureck south to Rheinstraße and forms the eastern boundary of the historic pentagon. At the same time, it forms the border between Wiesbaden's old town in the west and the eastern part and residential area.

Wilhelmstrasse today and other nearby attractions

On the Wilhelmstrasse you can find numerous noble shops. Measuring 900 meters long and 30 meters wide, the boulevard can be perceived as an urban esplanade. Walk to the northern end of the boulevard and you can find Bowling Green and the Kurhausplatz with the Kurhaus on the right, the Kurhauskolonnaden in the North and the Hessian State Theater with the theater colonnades in south. On the opposite side you can find the Kaiser-Friedrich-Platz with the monument of the Emperor Frederick III. South of the Staatstheater, on the eastern edge of the boulevard lies the English park Warmer Damm. Stroll the boulevard and find your favorite shops, upmarket stores, and shopping arcades on the eastern side, while on the western side you can admire the parks and some historical buildings. Expect to spend money as some of the leading fashion brands are present here. The street has an amazing architecture lined with beautiful trees and has always something going on; whether is at the cafes or the restaurants nearby, you will have a great time. Visit the beautiful cathedral inside and outside and have your camera with you, and if you are visiting in the winter time, make sure you will not miss one of the most impressive Christmas markets in Germany.