Biebrich Palace

Started by Prince Georg August Samuel in 1702, this baroque castle in red and white is an architectural feat and one of Wiesbaden's top attraction. Resting on the banks of the Rhine River, the Biebrich Palace grounds host the annual International Horse Show at Whitsun and the monthly flea market every summer. You can either catch a glimpse of this majestic castle as you sail along the Rhine River or take a tranquil walk in the surrounding park. Once a royal residential palace, today the building houses offices of the State of Hesse and a delicious restaurant with a wide selection of wines. A visit to this popular site is ideal for romantic getaways, family outings and quiet contemplation as it offers a warm atmosphere even in cold months.

History of the Palace

Built between 1700 and 1745, the construction began with the west pavilion that was completed in 1702, intended for the prince and his entourage, and continued with a separate east pavilion that was destined to be a residence for his wife. In the year of 1707, the two pavilions had been connected by a long hallway and galleries. The building stopped being a residence in 1841 and was used just during the summers by the Dukes of Nassau. During World War II the east wing had been heavily damaged and subsequently restored by the State of Hesse. Nowadays, the building serves the state government and is home to several offices using the reception halls and venues for all sorts of festive occasions.

A serene place in the middle of a bustling city

An impressive Baroque architecture, with a stunning garden. Explore the 13th century ruins by walking on the lush parklands and enjoy a former princely pleasure palace. A tranquil place with extensive paths available to walkers and large grassy and shady areas, making a perfect place for family picnics or a relaxing afternoon.

A quiet time by the river

Marvel at the old trees in the park that have become home to more than 1000 parrots. Walk around the park around the palace, a trip that will take you around 50 minutes and settle back and relax on the lush gardens. Finish your day at the Rhine River, and delight yourself with world class cuisine at one of the restaurants located on the right of the palace. Two different bus lines are ready to take you back to the middle of the city.

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