New Market Square

The New Market Square is the spot to start off your tour around the city of Rostock.  Explore its architectural and historical landmarks, dating back to the Middle Ages.

More than 700 years old

Rostock is a city in Northern Germany, mostly known for having one of the oldest universities in the world. The University of Rostock was founded in 1419 and deserves your stop right after you spend some time in the New Market Square. Although the Square did suffer consequences during the bombing in 1942 in WWII, most of the east side of the square is original from the time.

What to see

The first thing you will see is the Rathaus, Rostock's Town Hall – the noticeable arcaded pink building in the square built in the 13th-century in a Gothic style. The building is as old as the square itself, and its considered the oldest brick Town Hall in Germany. It has been the city's administration office for almost 750 years. However, the façade you will witness had to be restored in the 18th-century due to damages suffered during a storm. This new façade pictures a Baroque style, characteristic from the era. Nevertheless, one of the most obvious details that reveal its past are the seven Gothic turrets that project from the walls outside. Inside the Rathaus, by the entrance, you will find the sculpture of a snake. This edition was built in 1998, but the original was from the 1800s. It is thought to be a symbol of wisdom. The custom is to touch its head to receive good luck. The Ratskeller, located in the basement of the Rathaus, is a bar and restaurant where you can enjoy typical German cuisine and Gothic interiors. Another of the highlights in the Square is the Church of St. Mary – a religious building from the Middle Ages. The church is from the 13th-century and it features a high altar built around the 1700s by a German craftsman. The pictures carved in wood are The Last Supper, The Resurrection and The Effusion of the Holy Spirit. The carving is fantastic, and it is worth spending time admiring the inside of the church, showcasing a huge pipe organ with 5.700 pipes. Elsewhere, wander around the cobblestone streets of the square and take some snapshots of the colorful buildings.

Good to know

On Saturdays and Sundays, the Square holds a local market with products from the nearby farms and producers of the community. There are several stands with fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as food trucks with pastries, sausages, sandwiches, and delicacies typical from the area. During Christmas, the square is transformed into a beautiful Christmas Market filled with stands to buy seasonal goodies such as caramelized apples and honey heart cookies. Likewise, find rides for the children such as the Ferris Wheel.

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