Kröpeliner Straße Mall

Find Rostock's best shopping experience in the Old Town. Go for a shopping spree along the picturesque New Market Square and Kröpeliner Straße.

Kröpeliner Straße, Rostock's main shopping street

The Kröpeliner Straße and its side-streets are perfect for strolling through. Whether you're looking for international brand clothes and shoe shops, or souvenir shops and local businesses, be sure to find what you're looking for. It became the DDR's first pedestrian mall already in the 1960s. Walk from the eastern part between Neuer Markt and Universitätsplatz and admire many renaissance and baroque houses as you pass by. Don't miss out no. 82, the oldest building and medieval parsonage of the hospital. Beyond Universitätsplatz the street has mostly modern shop buildings with the usual chain stores. Escape the buoyant hustle and bustle of the main shopping street, take a break in a small café and treat yourself to a decadent hot chocolate. Pop in a cozy atelier, ideal place for spending some relaxing time finding traditional handicraft or chatting with the locals. Going down the pedestrian street you will come upon a unique fountain gracing in front of the University:  "The Joy of Life", symbolizing the rebirth of Rostock after World War II.

The New Market Square and its daily market

Proceeding along the pedestrianized Kröpeliner Straße, you will reach the New Market Square, beating heart of Rostock. Neuer Markt is named „new", because it was new in the late middle ages when three independent quarters united and built a common town hall. The square was surrounded by the beautiful houses of rich patricians before the war, only a few of them have survived along the western side. Behind them the main parish church, the impressive Marienkirche, overlooks the square. In one corner of this wide square, a grocery and household knickknack market takes place in the mornings.

Shop in comfort at the Kröpeliner Tor Center

Towards Universitätsplatz, the former hotel Rostocker Hof has been turned into an indoor shopping mall with more than 40 shops and food places, which makes it the perfect pitstop to grab a quick bite for a takeaway lunch. The weather in Rostock can be a bit moody, but a bit of rain and wind can't stop your shopping tour, as the pedestrian area offers a wide network of covered passages and galleries. The Kröpeliner Tor Center (also known as KTC) provides a good range of opportunities for tax-free shopping and friendly employees to help you find everything you need. This shopping and recreation centre has four shopping floors boasting bright and modern architecture.

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