Museum Kunstpalast

Art is mysterious and usually does not provide us with answers, but that's the magic behind it. For the most exquisite art experience in Dusseldorf, you ought to visit Museum Kunstpalast. Be prepared to spend more than a couple of hours because you will be dazzled by the different collections. 

Dusseldorf' art scene is booming

The Museum is located on the banks of the river Rhine, quite close to the city center and showcases a broad scope of epochs and genres representing more than 2000 years of history. It has been a pioneer in the art scene of Dusseldorf. The building you will witness is the result of the renovation done by the well-known architect from Cologne, Oswald Mathias Ungers. However, the beginning of the collection dates back to the early 18th century when it was founded as a small gallery by Elector Johann Wilhelm von der Pfalz and his wife.

A guide to the collections

Start off with the sculpture collection featuring late gothic, renaissance and baroque periods. Among the highlights, St. Barbara, Mechelen is one to stare – a graceful sculpture with refined details from the 1400s. If you like Japanese art, you will find a big collection of sword guards, colored woodblocks, ink brush drawings and one of the largest collections of Netsuke – miniature Japanese sculptures from the 17th century. In the applied arts section, gaze at the extensive textile collection with over 6,000 items. And behold the majestic Baroque Pax – a tablet from the early 17th century in Antwerp crafted with scenes of the bible from the old and new testament. It was kissed by the priest during Mass service. The design collection is one of the most recent ones. It started in 1983 and features, for instance, the industrial design from Peter Behrens. The gallery of paintings is one of the oldest ones. It showcases 2,500 examples covering the 15th to the early 20th century, focusing mainly on Dutch and Flemish artists of the Golden Age, German 19th-century paintings and from the Dusseldorf School of Painting.

The Unequal Couple is one that stands out

From the 1500s, the love of an old man for a young and pretty woman is portrayed by Lucas Cranach, a German Renaissance painter. In the modern art section enjoy the Quiet Harmony by Kandinsky and the portrait of Joseph Beuys by Andy Warhol. Two that will catch your eye, in this section, are the hypnotizing multiscreen installation Fish Flies on Sky by Nam June Paik, and the abstract sculpture from Norbert Kricke. Finally, witness the glass collection, showcasing over 12,000 objects from the pre-Roman antiquity to the present.

Music and more

The museum is also home to the classical chamber of music hall Robert Schuman – a multipurpose auditorium added in the 2001-renovation. Displaying a classic architecture and a modern interior design, it offers a variety of events, whether its music, lectures or film. Make sure to check their calendar while you are in town to attend one of the seasonal events.

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