Hofgarten Park

Take a break from Düsseldorf's hustle and bustle in lush green Hofgarten Park, before you move on to the Old Town. Created in the late 17th century instead of a hunting palace, it is Germany's first park. Enjoy large expanses of grass you just want to roll on, benches that illuminate at night, large ponds, quacking ducks, gorgeous fountains, not to mention sculptures and monuments strewn all over the park.

Hofgarten – discover unique gardens

Well known for its luxuriant landscapes Hofgarten is also called by the local people "the Green Lung of Düsseldorf". The park stretches from the Jacobistraße with Schloss Jägerhof and the bordering Malkasten park to the Heinrich-Heine-Allee by the Altstadt (Old Town) and from the Königsallee to the Rheinterrasse (Rhine Terrace) on the banks of the Rhine. Being in the heart of the city, it is very popular through locals and visitors which like strolling, jogging, sunbathing and escaping the lively city center of Düsseldorf.

It's a perfect place for a late autumn Sunday morning stroll around the lake, when all the leaves are turning various shades of red and gold. The flower garden with carefully delineated flower-beds makes this park an unbelievable picturesque place, boasting many kinds of birds like wrens, robins, swans, Canada geese, mallards and magpies. Strangely enough, the peaceful Hofgarten owes its creation to military events. The conflicts in the Seven Years War dragged the grounds of Pempelfort – which was outside of the fortifications – into the midst of the troubles. Following the devastation, Imperial Count Franz Ludwig Anton von Goltstein, the Elector's governor, wanted to restore order and harmony. So, in 1769 the oldest part of the Hofgarten between Schloss Jägerhof—a former hunting lodge, and the lake with the "Jröner Jong" was redesigned by Nicolas de Pigage in the French classical style, making Düsseldorf's Hofgarten Germany's first and oldest public park. Since then the garden has kept its 19th-century design, slightly combined with English landscape style after the World War II.

Nature and culture intertwined

A plethora of historic monuments and modern sculptures adorn the Hofgarten, complementing the diverse landscapes of the park. The Goethe Museum is housed in Schloss Jägerhof, a comprehensive collection devoted to the life and work of the poet. Hofgarten's most popular sculpture is probably the Märchenbrunnen and the neo-classic-romantic Stephanien bust, the simple monument for the Hofgarten creator Weyhe, and the thought-provoking memorials for fallen soldiers; and last but not least, modern sculptures like Vadim Sidhur's "Mahner" and the reclining figure in two parts by Henry Moore.

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