Bremen Market Square

Bremer Market Square (Bremer Marktplatz) is a beautiful historic marketplace in the center of Bremen. It covers over 3,484 square meters and is a bustling, vibrant meeting place and popular attraction for the city. Don't miss out on seeing one of the oldest places in Bremen.

Historic buildings

Bremer Marktplatz is full of important historic buildings to see, whether you just want to take in some gorgeous architecture or you're a full-blown history buff. Bremen's Town Hall is a stunning, Gothic-style building and a focal point of the square. It dates back to 1405 and is truly spectacular when lit up at night.

Both the town hall and the Roland of Bremen statue are UNESCO World Heritage sites. The Roland of Bremen statue is 10 meters high and made of limestone. It stands in the square as a symbol of trading rights and freedom.

You can also see Bremen's chamber of commerce building, the Schütting. This mostly Renaissance-style building started out as a guild house and is now a protected historic monument.

Visitors can't miss Bremen Cathedral (also known as Bremer Dom or St. Petri Dom). This eye-catching building started as a wooden cathedral and has changed several times over the years. The current building's main structure was built in the 11th century. The church's towers, called the north tower and south tower, are prominent features of the Bremen skyline. Climb the south tower for an impressive bird's-eye view of the city.

The square as a whole is a lovely place to spend an afternoon enjoying the atmosphere and the sprawling cobblestones. Beautiful Renaissance-style buildings built in the 20th century line one side and add to the historic feel of the square.

Fun folklore

Stop by the Musicians of Bremen: a bronze sculpture by Gerhard Marcks from 1953. It is made up of a donkey, dog, cat, and rooster which comes from a popular fairy tale with some plot variation. In most versions of the story, animals leave their neglectful owners and decide to head out to become musicians. Along the way they scare off robbers and are therefore thanked by the residents of Bremen. Legend says that touching the front hooves of the donkey will make wishes come true. Many choose to test this theory as evidenced by the now-shiny hooves. You can also go to the nearby Bremen Loch (Hole of Bremen) and put a coin through what looks like a manhole cover in the ground. Each coin is rewarded with an animal sound from one of the Bremen Musicians. The collected coins are given to charity.


In the fall, Bremen Market Square hosts the Bremen Freimarkt fair, filled with music, dancing, and even historic crafts and costumes on nearby streets. During the holiday season, experience the Christmas market with decorated stalls and glowing string lights. Christmas concerts help to get you into the spirit of the season. You can find anything from dancing to art exhibits depending on the time of year in this busy central square.

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