Beach and Tower of Isolella

Don't miss visiting this peninsula, just a few kilometers from Porticcio on Corsica, and enjoy a walking trail suitable for all levels. Isolella consists not only of an idyllic beach setting, but also a historic Genoese tower restored to its former glory. The tower was one of many constructed in the 17th century by the Genoese to offer protection to the island.

Beach paradise

To the south of Ajaccio, the peninsula of Isolella has several beautiful small sandy beaches and coves that are perfect for exploring. This dream landscape is sheltered from the wind and makes a lovely spot for a swim. The shallow water is a stunning turquoise color, ideal for snorkeling. From the beach, follow the signposts to "Isolella Tower" for 500 meters to the end of the peninsula and find yourself at the foot of the tower. The site, with magnificent views of the Gulf of Ajaccio, is a fantastic place for a picnic with your family or friends. It's also possible to make a loop on foot or by bike around the tower and to join the beach again.

Genoese heritage

In the 18th century, 85 of these towers existed across Corsica. Today, an impressive 67 are still standing, although some have fallen into disrepair. The construction of these towers started in the 16th century, at the request of village communities to protect themselves against pirates. The towers defended the villages and ports, acted as landmarks for navigators, and allowed news of an attack to be rapidly signaled to other communities along the coast. The Tour D'Isolella was completed in 1608; the construction was the responsibility of the inhabitants of the Pieve d'Ornano. It's in very good condition, as it was superbly restored in 1970. The circular tower, made of granite, is not accessible to the public. The battlements at the top feature machicolations—designed for throwing boiling water, oil, or stones through against their enemies.

Perfect sunset views

From the tower you can see the Punta di Sette Nave ("Tip of the Seven Ships") located on the other side of the peninsula—seven large granite rocks visible in the sea. The local legend goes that it was here that seven galleys filled with barbarians tried to reach the island but were turned to stone by the virgin protectress. Visit the peninsula at night for a fine spectacle, the unmissable sunset that fills the sky over the islands opposite.

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