Parc Phoenix

Discover a green paradise in close proximity to Nice Airport. Whether killing time before a flight or arriving in the city for the first time, Parc Phoenix is the perfect gateway to your Nice experience. The park, which opened in 1990, offers seven hectares of natural wonders to enjoy, with an enormous variety of plants and animal species to spot as you make your way around. The botanical gardens also contain the Asian Art Museum as well as one of the largest greenhouses in Europe. The name "Phoenix" comes from the palm tree "Phoenix canariensis," the date palm of the Canary Islands, now commonly used as an ornamental plant around the world.

The beauty of nature Parc

Phoenix shelters an incredible 2,500 species of plants in its grounds, some of which are rare. This combination of varying flowers and plants results in an explosion of color that has to be seen to be believed. The garden has impressed awards panels too, and has been awarded the "remarkable garden" label since 2011. The Green Diamond is a highlight of the gardens. A 7,000 square meter and 25 meter high construction, it's one of the largest in Europe. It takes visitors through six different tropical climates to discover several thousand exciting plant species, including tree ferns and a rare orchid collection, as well as 31 species of palm trees. The park wanted to expand to offer more than just floral and arboreal life, and so a vast menagerie of wildlife call the Parc Phoenix their home. Spot lemurs, white-brushed marmosets, otters and wallabies as you stroll around the animal section. There are also Caimans, iguanas and free-flying exotic birds on show in this display of the animal kingdom at its best. Within the park there also lies an expansive lake, where a hundred bird species live. Ducks, pelicans, black swans all live side by side in harmony.

An idyllic day out

Opposite the lake, and indeed reflected in the water, you can see the white marble façades of the Asian Arts Museum designed by the Japanese architect Kenzo Tange. The mission of this museum is to display the whole spectrum of Asian arts, with collections of works which date back to millennia ago, as well as collections of contemporary works. The park, which was created by the City of Nice and nearly 80 companies, opened in 1990 after 26 months of construction on an old swamp.This lovely green space, which opens all year round, is the perfect place for family picnics or walks while spotting the best that Mother Nature has to offer.

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