Musée Jules Verne

The Musée Jules Verne details the work and tells the fascinating life story of one of France's most illustrious authors. Jules Verne is Nantes' most famous son, with the museum housed in a beautiful 19th century villa that evokes the style and passion of the writer himself.

On top of Butte Sainte-Anne

Climb up the Butte Sainte-Anne to reach the captivating Musée Jules Verne to learn about the world's second most translated author. From this rocky platform that has been turned into a terrace, you get a good view of the port and the island of Nantes with its new buildings, Titan (a gigantic yellow crane) and Verne-inspired "Machines de l'île". Don't forget to greet Captain Nemo on your way up! On that little square, there's also a statue of Jules Verne sitting on a bench.

Visiting the Musée Jules Verne

Located next to the beautiful Loire River, the Musée Jules Verne displays various items owned by Jules Verne, 1st-edition books, hand-edited manuscripts as well as beautifully constructed replicas of his inventions, and cardboard theater cut-outs. The Jules Verne museum itself is split into eight sections, showing how his imagination grew from a young boy playing on the river to writing the masterpieces of 'Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea' and 'Around the World in Eighty Days'.

Bump into Verne's famous characters

Additionally, the Musée Jules Verne has painstakingly recreated the writer's drawing room, helping holidaymakers to step inside the mind of one of France's literary icons. The museum also tells the story of Jules Verne in Nantes and how the city shaped his writing as well as housing interactive displays about how his work has been translated into film and TV. The child-friendly multi-media trail brings Jules Verne's entire work in all its splendor and diversity to a wider public. Signs are in French but Verne's books are so well-known that it's worthwhile visiting regardless.

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