Marché de Noailles

When visiting a new destination, it is always a good idea to get off the beaten track to get a feeling of the city vibe. Take markets for example – they are bustling, busy places, packed with a lively atmosphere which make them ideal to savor the culture and the local flavors. In Marseille, you can get the real taste of the city at Marche de Noailles also known as Le Marché des Capucins – a real market, not your usual tourist trap. Opened from Monday to Saturday, from 8:00 to 19:00, make sure to visit early to see how they set up and to get a warm delicious baguette. It will melt in your mouth! Located in a secondary street in the sparkling quartier of Noailles you can easily access it by metro or tram from wherever you are staying in the city.

What's in it?

The market is a hotspot for a French bakery made by bakers from the surroundings that compete with the ones in the city. Whether you are popping by in the morning of the afternoon consider going on an empty stomach to try these delicacies. As well, there is a lot of cuisine with North African influence, so you can try patisserie originally from the Maghreb region. If you are more of the healthy kind, there are plenty of fruits to delight on – freshly sliced watermelons, mangos, pineapples, bananas. Dried fruits, nuts, and the appetizing French olives are impossible to be missed. But maybe, the market is most known for its spices and condiments, uniquely spotted here due to the region's predominant African influence. Get lost in the crowds and watch the fish stands, the butcher curing duck breast or knives being sharpened in the knife shops; and marvel at the work from artisans, perfect to take as souvenir gifts, like the pottery pieces from Tunisia and Algeria.

Be curious

Create memorable travel moments by interacting with people. Don't be intimidated by the noise and the mess, because vendors are happy to explain about the food and make suggestions. So, feel free to ask! If you are a photography enthusiast, it is also a cool spot to take colorful shots from the exotic products displayed or the farmers and producers. Overall, it's the ultimate cultural experience to know how the Marseillais get their goodies to cook at home. And as they say, the prices are quite reasonable, and the quality of products is better than in the supermarkets.

Take into account

No matter what you do, leave some time to visit the best homeware shop in Marseille Maison Empereur, located in the same street of the market. Run by the same family since 1827, it sells Opinel cutlery, local soaps, and wooden toys. It's a feast of nostalgia!