Aiguille Rouge

The Aiguille Rouge view

Get a first-rate view from the clouds of the Italian Alps, Mont Pourri, the Pierra Menta, and the magnificent Mont Blanc via a magnificent journey along the Aiguille Rogue.

Great skiing and amazing views

No trip to Les Arcs would be complete without a visit to the top of the Aiguille Rouge. The highest point, at more than 3,226 meters, offers a stunning 360° panoramic view and is certain to take your breath away. Whether going up Aiguille Rouge for the spectacular views or to ski down, you won't be disappointed. For skiing enthusiasts, at the top of the mountain there are two levels of ski runs to choose from—red or black—depending on your skiing level. Both are considered the ride of a lifetime with unforgettable views. If you get to the top of the mountain and the red or black ski runs are not to your level or liking, you can get a cable car down to a lower elevation atop the Varet, where there are easier, very enjoyable, lengthy blue ski runs that zigzag across the mountain towards Arcs 2000. If you're catching the cable car up exclusively for the view, try to do it on a clear day. It's worth it for the breathtaking panoramic views. As the home of the Alpine pasture during the 20th century, the mountains have gradually transformed into a world-class vacation and leisure destination. New developments are evidence of a new way of thinking and reflect the mountain area's fantastic progress over the years. If you're fortunate to get a clear day, the view is spectacular, but be prepared, as even on a sunny day, temperatures can be absolutely freezing, so be sure to wear layers and be mindful of personal equipment like camera batteries.

Glacier walking on the Aiguille Rouge

Casual, guided walks up to several days long, and as part of a roped-up team are available for individuals, groups, and families alike.

Winter or summer access

The scenery is totally different in the summer. When the snow melts, there are plenty of entertaining activities including hiking, whitewater rafting, fishing, and golf. Be sure to check the weather report when planning activities, but you won't run out of things to do in any season.

History of Les Arcs

Major constructions of the resort of Arc 1600 began in 1968, with Arc 1800 following in 1974, Arc 2000 in 1979, and Arc 1950 in 2003.

The Aiguille Rouge cable car

Created by Swiss builder Habegger and serving the Aiguille Rouge summit of Les Arcs ski area, this cable car is a true feat of technology. The impressive cars with double-decker cabins run with no interim supporting towers and span 1,068 meters.

The Funicular to Les Arcs villages

Exclusive in France, this aerial funicular can reach the Les Arcs ski area from the SNCF station in Bourg Saint Maurice, terminus for the TGV, Eurostar, and Thalys, in just seven minutes. Bus or taxi transport to and from the four villages is also available.