Coti Forest

A small village located on the southern bank of the Gulf of Ajaccio, Coti-Chiavari is located in Corse-du-Sud, on the peninsula of Capu di Muru, and offers some of the most beautiful beaches of Corsica. Discover the town of Coti-Chiavari developed slowly during the Middle Ages and experienced a Genoese invasion like the rest of the island, from the end of the 13th century. French since the 18th century, the village is appreciated for its preserved environment, as well as for its architectural heritage. Its geographical proximity to one of the most beautiful cities of Corsica also makes it an ideal site to discover the nature of the island and its culture.

Hike the Coti Forest

Outdoor enthusiasts or not, Coti forest's Eucalyptus scents will lure you into the woods, for a hike or just a stroll in the shade –cycling is also an option. In total there are about seven marked trails for you to explore within the region of Coti-Chiavari: enjoy the Muro and Nero capes, the peaks of Cacalu, Castagna, Guardiola, Carapono, Pesciu, Buratonu, Agnonu and Punta Rossa. The arrival to the Prunu plateau marks the beginning of the walk in the forest of Coti Chiavari, from that point, you can follow the famous GR 20, or find a path leading you to old historic monuments, like Genoese towers, or the former prison. Take in stunning views on the Ajaccio bay.

A rich cultural heritage

The village of Coti-Chiavari presents several medieval buildings testifying to its rich past. Admire three Genoese towers that formed part of the defensive system of the coastline set up by the Genoese between the 16th and 17th centuries. Visit the Castagna Tower, the Capo-di-Muro Tower listed as a Historic Monument and the general inventory of Corsica's cultural heritage, and the Capo-Nero Tower, also listed. Taken from the general inventory of cultural heritage, the former prison dates from the nineteenth century. Private property, it still has a main building, a barn, wine cellars or a cemetery. While walking in the village, observe the beautiful townhall-- granite and freestone, remarkable religious buildings (the Saint-Jean-Baptiste church and the Sainte-Marie chapel) and different houses covered with tiles, dating from the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries. To rest your feet, many pleasant beaches such as Cala d'Orzo, Portigliolo, Mare e Sol, Argent, and Cupabia, await you right next to the Coti forest.
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