The Arc Yurts

Visiting Les Arcs is more than just about skiing and snowboarding. If you feel like trying something different, spend a night in a real Mongol Yurt – it is one of those unexpected experiences you must witness once in your life.

The story of the Yurts

Yurts have been the traditional primary style of home of Central Asia for a long time. They are still seen nowadays in Mongolia and Kyrgyzstan, or if you are visiting Les Arcs, you can experience a replica of one too. A yurt is a round tent constructed on top of a flat piece of ground, covered with skins of sheep, goats or yaks. It is often covered by carpets and the traditional colors of the facade tend to be white with a red door. It is characteristic of the Yurt communities that belong to the herding culture – a nomadic culture. When you visit the Yurt observe the roof. It is the most complex part of the whole structure, sustained together by a crown where the roof poles are attached. It is the part of the yurt that last the longest and, it is transferred from generation to generation.

What to expect during the evening

The evenings at the authentic Yurt consist of a savory dinner with wine and food while experiencing the Yurt culture at its best. Get warm by the fireplace while you enjoy hot wine and a soup Tartiflette for starters. Choose for mains a salad or fondue. The dessert is a surprise from the chef, accompanied by coffee or tea. The wine served is organic and, you will get to enjoy a glass of the traditional local liquor Genepi. Make sure to bring your snowshoes as you will be walking through a torch-lit path towards the Yurt.

An activity for all ages

Visiting the Yurt is an experience you can experience as a solo traveler, with your family or friends. It is a cozy evening with delicious food in an exotic Mongol yurt, which makes you feel like you are traveling to a different land. It is a great and original idea to relax after spending a whole day at the mountain enjoying the slopes. More things to do in Arc 1950 Enjoy the nightlife at Arc 1950, offering plenty of options to dine and drink. Also choose to spend one night in an igloo if you have the chance, as it is another exciting experience to witness. Check the program online, as they tend to host weekly shows, a dancing night or even movie evenings.

Good to know

They provide transfers to reach the Mongol Yurt or the rest of the activities from wherever you are located. So, make sure to give them a call or write them an email in their website for more information.