La Cité du Vin

Visit this unique cultural center that offers you the chance to take a spectacular journey through the world's living heritage of wine, through the ages and across countless cultures and civilizations.

Iconic architecture

Marvel at a stunning piece of contemporary architecture resembling a wine decanter on the banks of the River Garonne. The bold design by architects Anouk Legendre and Nicolas Desmazières from XTU architects is a journey in itself. Its audacious curves and ever-changing reflection evoke knotted vine stocks, wine turning in the glass, the swirls and eddies of the Garonne river. Each and every architectural detail evokes liquid elements and the very soul of wine. Allow yourself to be transported by this sensation of movement, of uninterrupted flow between the exterior and interior of the structure. Set off on your wine adventure beneath the wooden vault of the torus which reminds us of the massive hull of a ship putting to sea. La Cité du Vin invites you to hop on board and explore the complex world of wine.

Embark on a sensory adventure

La Cité du Vin is a new generation museum where wine comes to life through an immersive, sensorial approach, all set within an evocative architectural design. Giving a different view of wine, this wine museum offers tours, as well as tastings and workshops on global wine variations. See a 360-degree virtual view of Bordeaux inside the museum's permanent exhibition or climb the Belvedere tower for stunning views from the top of the museum's modern metallic architecture, whilst tasting a glass of exceptional wine. Cultural events and brilliant, themed one-hour tasting workshops are also worth watching out for.

Discover the cultures and civilizations of wine

The museum also features temporary exhibitions spread on 3,000 m², where you can learn about wine's vast cultural influence and how it has influence and inspired makers of music and visual art. Explore the many and varied facets of wine across time and space, with nearly twenty different themed areas, covering everything from vine cultivation, grape varieties and wine production to ancient wine trade, 21st-century wine trends and celebrated personalities. Don't forget to visit to the permanent exhibition together with an innovative travel companion, available in eight languages (French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Dutch). Located at the heart of the Bordeaux wine region, in the city itself, La Cité du Vin is an international showcase and an open door onto the world's vineyards.

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