Cité de L'Océan

Designed by the American architect Steven Holl, La Cité de l'Océan is an award-winning building which offers a wide variety of events, exhibitions and activities for a full day of fun.

Marvel at nature-inspired architecture

Perched on a hill high above the sea, just a few steps from the shore of the Bay of Biscay, la Cité de l'Océan et du Surf in Biarritz echoes the colors of the sea, the infinite marine horizon and the relatively unknown depth of the ocean. His own experience as a young surfer on the East coast of the Pacific Ocean clearly inspired Steven Holl to respond with a wave-like platform, perpendicular to the coastline, a platform from which three glass pavilions emerge like three great rocks in the sea.

Test your balance

Stand on a dynamic surfboard fully equipped with virtual reality headsets and step into the shoes of a Basque surfer. Feel the waves in music to surf the legendary waves like a pro! Get ready for thrills and emotions during this surf trip mixing fiction and reality! 

Immerse yourself

La Cité de l'Océan offers a highly immersive experience submerging you for 12 minutes, at 360° at the heart of the Polynesian reserve of Fakarava and a pack of 700 sharks! Then, for an amazing under water experience, put on your 3D glasses and dive into the depths of the vast ocean at the Bathyscaphe.

Ready to look disheveled? Will you dare push your limits and challenge to laws of gravity by getting on Seaborg? With a virtual reality mask, you will go on an immersive journey for 4 minutes at 360°! Unique in Europe, the attraction rotates at 360°. You'll find yourself upside down in no time at all for guaranteed sensations!

Adventure and danger seekers can come aboard the ship to learn about the moods of the sea, history and organization of rescues and shipwrecks along the Basque coast.

White Ocean

Enter the polar base and learn about the science behind climate change. Do you know at what temperature ocean water freezes? If the ice-caps melted, what would be the impact on the ocean? How does an iceberg form? What are the differences between the North Pole and the South Pole? What do you know about the lake Vostok drilling? La Cité de l'Océan et du Surf museum intends to raise awareness of oceanic issues and answer your questions.

A trip to this exploratory museum is both educational and entertaining for visitors of all ages and will leave you with a new and more profound respect for the sea. Play an active role in your own discoveries with wonderful interactive exhibits guaranteed to educate.