Ajaccio Old Town

Visiting Old Town Northwest of the citadel sits Ajaccio old town. Centered south of Place Maréchal Foch, this historic city center features quaint, narrow streets, lined with picturesque Mediterranean, pastel-colored homes, and is the largest settlement on Corsica. Birthplace of Napoleon In the old town, you can visit the birthplace and family home of Napoleon Bonaparte - now the National Bonaparte Museum - an impressive orange town house. Nearby, you'll also find the Cathédrale Notre Dame de la Miséricorde, where Bonaparte was baptized. Statues of Napoleon can be found throughout the region, amongst the numerous streets and places named in his honor. The most impressive monument is in the Jardins de Casone, North of Place Marechal Foch. Located 200 meters north of Place Foch, the Fesch Museum has a highly regarded collection of Italian Renaissance paintings, originally collected by Napoleon's uncle and the Maison Bonaparte. Along the Rue Cardinal Fesch is where you will find a wide range of enticing shops. A few hundred meters along this street you can see some of the most important monuments in Ajaccio, including the Fesch Palace, the Imperial Chapel and the historic Bibliothèque. Café life There are several cafes, bars and restaurants sprinkled across Ajaccio - and it is in these quaint gathering places where you will find the true spirit of the town where the laid back, casual approach to life in Ajaccio seems to exemplify. Place Foch is an especially popular place to sit under shady trees, relax and enjoy the warm climate.

North of the town center, there is a walking route along the hills of Ajaccio (the Route des Crètes) that is well worth following for the amazing views across the town and along the beautiful coastline. 

The Citadel

A popular attraction for visitors of Ajaccio is the citadel, a substantial 16th-century fortified building with a large dry moat. Visitors can view the citadel's exterior grounds, however this facility cannot be accessed by the public, as it is still in use by the military. The beaches The Plage Saint-Francois in Ajaccio center is a pleasant sandy beach that is very convenient to access from the center of the city. Several regions outside the town center have highly rated beaches, including those to the west of the town around the Capo-di-Feno, and the resort of Porticcio to the south. 

There are also several beaches along the Route des Iles-Sanguinaires, just west of the town center. Ajaccio is great travel point for visitors to Corsica, with regular ferries operating between Marseille, Nice and Toulon on mainland France.

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