EMMA, Espoo Musem of Modern Art

EMMA Espoo (or the Espoo Musem of Modern Art) is the largest of Finland's museums and home to one of Europe's most striking modern art collections: The Saastamoinen Foundation Art Collection, a 2000-piece strong portfolio by Finnish artists featuring classical modernist paintings, sculptures, and contemporary artwork. EMMA Espoo describes itself as an international and multi-purpose art gallery where people can visit major international exhibitions and learn about Finland's art and cultural heritage—all in a concrete 1960s print works building that has protective national status as a "remarkable monument": the WeeGee house.

History, collections and exhibitions

Founded in 2002, and opened for visitors since 2006, EMMA is a major art museum located in Southern Finland in the district of Tapiola, Espoo. Measuring about 5000 square meters exhibition space, the museum is presenting an impressive selection of collections ranging from changing domestic and international contemporary art, design and modernism. The exhibitions spaces are located in the architecturally imposing WeeGee building having an industrial heritage still visible with concrete walls and columns. There are four museums under the same roof: EMMA, Espoo Museum of Modern Art (the biggest of these museums); KAMU, Espoo City Museum; Hevosenkenkä, the Finnish toy museum; and the Finnish Museum of Horology. Hosting 8 to 10 exhibitions annually, the museum is presenting its collections from new angles allowing visitors to explore and identify classics of modern design, featuring the latest names in Finnish and international contemporary art and modernism. Every hour there are organized guided tours lasting 15 minutes to give you highlights of current exhibitions and features of the artists and what they stand for. With free entry on Friday evenings, enjoy the museum and the changing exhibitions and finish your tour at the bar area.