The ancient port town of Ciqikou dates back to the Ming Dynasty as a commercial port and market town. The city was first built during the regime of Emperor Zhenzong of Song on the banks of Jialing River, not far from the magnificent Yangtze. The mountains of Jingbi, Fenghuang and Ma'an can be found in Ciqikou and the locals say that the geography of the city has perfect Fengshui. Moreover, the town is gracefully described by the locals as "one thousand people greet each other during day…ten thousand lamps flicker at night." Run through by one river and two streams, the city has an important location to be a transport hub. Being famous for the production of porcelain in the ancient times, the name of the city translates itself as the Porcelain Village. Most of the buildings in the city were built in Ming or Quing architectural style and the government has decided to preserve the old charm of the district, to attract more tourists.

A lively place

The ancient town of Ciqikou has 12 streets in total, with peculiar Chinese architecture buildings housing shops, boutiques and outlets for craftwork, groceries and many teashops and restaurants. With more than a hundred tea bars, each one with their own particular characteristics, you will have the chance to meet some friendly locals to learn more about the history of the city and the local culture. The ateliers spark a great interest for visitors, with artists that are dedicated to their traditional way of life, unaffected by modern influences. Enjoy the many folk houses that were built with bamboo and wood, visit Baolun Temple, which is one of the most famous Buddhist temples, and finish your day at one of the restaurants and try some traditional dishes such as "Three Treasures in Ciqikou" or "Chen Fried Dough Twist." Whichever you try, you will not be disappointed.

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