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Affordable High Design

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Affordable High Design

prizeotel is a new generation of centrally located lifestyle led properties. prizeotel’s eclectic character combines comfortable accommodation in an informal setting and service culture. 

Welcoming social spaces put smart design first, ensuring that guests can make the most of their stay - whether for work or play.

At prizeotel, we believe a stay should be convenient and efficient, starting from the booking all the way through to checkout. We ensure that by focusing on the essentials and getting them right; our guests can focus on enjoying the city.

Why choose prizeotel?

Our hotels are designed to be bright, modern and welcoming, so that our guests can feel energized by the environment.
prizeotel Brand

Be Happy

We work in a people's business and believe that happy team members provide for happy guests. In all of our interactions, we think of the little things so you don’t have to.
prizeotel Guest Room

Be Comfortable

Restful sleep is ensured by large 180x 200 cm beds with high-quality mattresses on slatted frames and fine bed linen and towels in luxury hotel quality. All rooms also come with connected TVs and wireless charging for your convenience.
prizeotel Brand

Be Fuelled

Make a good morning great, with our signature breakfast buffet. Snacks and drinks are also available throughout the day for your enjoyment.
prizeotel Brand

Be Sustainable

We are committed to using our resources responsibly and in supporting both the environment and our local communities.
prizeotel Brand

Be Social

Our public areas are designed as flexible social spaces that allow for coworking during the day, having a drink with friends at the bar and socializing in our open plan areas.