artand#39;otel amsterdam - Art Curtain


As distinctive as the name suggests, each art’otel is a true piece of art in its own right.
art'otel Rome - Coming Soon

art'otel Rome

Big news on the art'otel Rome Signature Artist is coming soon. Until then, expect a celebrated name and a theme highlighting this historic city's past and present with an art'otel twist. As always, you're in for an unforgettable, immersive hotel experience - plus a brilliant collaboration with our award-winning interior design studio, Digital Space.
Artotel Brand - dface

art'otel London Hoxton

Vivid design and subversive pop-art style have made London's D*Face a household name. So, when the time came to select art'otel London Hoxton's Signature Artist, the local legend was a natural choice for a landmark project this close to home. Get ready to explore a multimedia playground of cultural references, colourful characters, and a dose of dystopian desire.
art'otel Zagreb - Otelo OK

art'otel Zagreb

Paying homage to Zagreb-born Boris Bućan, art’otel Zagreb celebrates the artist's creative journey and invites guests to connect with his enduring legacy through our permanent collection on display throughout the hotel. Part of the New Art Practice generation of artists, Bućan's work embodies the mixed-media approach of his era with a colorful, graphic, and bold style. Discover this internationally revered artist (seen in the MoMA and Tate) through art'otel's immersive, one-of-a-kind tribute to his career.
art'otel amsterdam - art

art'otel Amsterdam

One of the most recognised Dutch artists of the modern day, Atelier Van Lieshout is a true global artist with a renowned customer base including esteemed museums and art collectors. The themes reflect conceptual, social, functional and non-functional elements and visions. One of Atelier Van Lieshout’s most well-known themes is the Course of Life, of which all 120 pieces of art found within the public areas and bedrooms in art’otel amsterdam take inspiration from. His work creates a cultural experience as you walk through the hotel and his collection will delight and intrigue.
art'otel London Battersea Power Station - Lifestyle - deal

art'otel London Battersea Power Station

Hayon, both an interior designer and Signature Artist for the hotel, has infused the art'otel London Battersea Power Station with their bold, colorful, and playful aesthetic, which can be seen in the rooms and public areas, including the Art Gallery. Hayon's work merges the boundaries between art, design, and product, and was inspired by the Power Station's history and its future as a central cultural hub in London.
art'otel berlin-mitte - art'otel berlin mitte

art'otel Berlin Mitte

At art’otel Berlin Mitte you can dive into the artwork of Georg Baselitz, one of Germany’s most famous and most significant contemporary artists with a distinguished career. The exclusive art’otel Berlin Mitte collection shows more than 300 original artwork from the various stages of Baselitz’s work, from large and vibrant paintings to very petite and demure charcoal prints. A consistent message of his work is the "Upside Down" theme that inspires the decor of the property including the Upside Down bar.
artand#39;otel cologne - Bar Lounge View

art'otel Cologne

SEO is the artist of choice at art'otel Cologne and her style entails tearing paper into strips and fixing it to canvases. She then applies acrylic paint on the paper stripes to create an intricate piece. Every picture contains at least 10 000 stripes of paper and over 791 colours. art’otel cologne showcases over 300 original art works of this famous artist all over the hotel. The distinct style of SEO is one that is both detailed and immersive. With such fine detail it is easy to see why these works create an unrivalled impression.