Terms of Sale

Total estimated cost for stay includes the room rate, estimated taxes, and estimated fees. Total estimated cost for a stay does not include any additional applicable service charges or fees that may be charged by the hotel. Estimated taxes and estimated fees include applicable local taxes, governmental fees, and resort fees as estimated by the hotel. Actual taxes and fees may vary.

Travelling with Children: In general children are considered to be between the age of 0-11 inclusive. Additional fees may apply for Children staying in the same room as their guardians when extra bedding or services such as breakfast are requested. Please contact the booked hotel directly for more information.

Adult Only Hotels: In the specific case of these hotels all guests are required to be a minimum of 18 years old. Minors are not permitted at these properties.

Currency conversions are estimates and are provided for comparison purposes only. The final cost for stay is charged in the hotel’s local currency.

Guests are required to present upon check-in valid photo identification and a credit card for any incidental charges. The guest who made the booking must be the holder of the bank card. In case a card is not presented, prepayment will be returned and a different payment method will be required.

The strike-through rate and rate details are displayed for comparison purposes only and reflect the rate prior to the offered discount. The rate rules for the strike-through rate may be less restrictive and those rules do not apply to the discounted rate being offered. To view the rate details for the original non-discounted strike-through rate, see the strike-through rate details.

Guests staying in Russia:

- Russian guests are kindly asked to present a national passport at check-in. Children 14 years and younger are kindly asked to present their birth certificate. Guests 18 years and younger are requested to have a notarized power of attorney from one of the parents allowing them the stay at the property.

- Foreign guests need to provide a passport with a visa and migration card.

We reserve the right to modify or cancel a reservation if it appears, in our sole discretion, that a guest has engaged in fraudulent, illegal or other inappropriate activity or the reservation contains or results from fraud, mistake or error.

Our privacy policy applies to all data collected.