Lower Zambezi National Park

Take your once-in-a-lifetime, bucket-list adventure in a place where animals roam in unfenced safari camps across Africa's most unspoiled stretches of nature. Lower Zambezi National Park is where you'll find natural settings unlike any you have ever experienced. Your opportunity to come in direct contact with wild animals is unmatched, as a variety of game wander in and out of the Zambezi channels throughout the day and night. The park lies opposite the famous Mana Pools Reserve in Zimbabwe, stretching across both sides of the Zambezi River, encompassing a massive wildlife sanctuary. The river's edge is overhung with a thick riverine fringe, including ebony and fig trees, while further inland sits a flood plain with mopane forests, winter thorn trees, and huge acacias. The hills that form the backdrop to the park are covered in broadleaf woodland. UNESCO officially declared several areas of the Lower Zambezi National Park as world heritage sites, mainly because it is home to a remarkable concentration of wildlife. The Lower Zambezi National Park is internationally famous for its variety and amount of big game animals—which is why tourists flock to the area, not just to catch a glimpse of wildlife in Africa, but to interact with an incredible array of wild animals. Expect your adventure to be one of the most mind-blowing experiences ever as herds of elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, crocodiles, and more are on display in their natural habitat.

Activities in Lower Zambezi National Park

Fishing is terrific along the Zambezi river. Try your hand at reeling in local tiger fish, bream, or vundu (a member of the catfish family) weighing up to 50 kilograms! Local fishing tip: seemingly odd, cheap, strong-smelling soap serves as an excellent bait for this giant of a catch! Canoeing along the river is also a must. Float down the river at your leisure and catch a ride back via speedboat at the end of the day. The river guides will take you down remote channels between the islands—where many opportunities exist to get close to a variety of animals feeding, bathing, or relaxing along the water. Hippos are nearly always in sight, and you're sure to catch a sighting of elephants, zebras, puku, impala, buffalo, kudu, and even baboons casually browsing the banks of the river—all from the laid-back, comfortable distance of your canoe.

Planning your trip to Lower Zambezi National Park

Generally, the best time to launch your adventure is mid-season from June to September; however, keep in mind that canoeing operators are seasonally available from April through November. Lastly, fishing is at its best in September and October. Don't wait another minute, plan your dream safari now!