Vinpearl Safari

Located in the Long Beach area northwest of Phu Quoc island is the first and only open zoo in Vietnam that was built according to the international safari model. Vinpearl safari animal care and conservation park has 380 hectares of space, 150 animal species, 3,000 individual animals that call the park home, and at least 1,200 botanical species. The park is also divided into two main areas: a wildlife park and an open zoo.

Experience a real open zoo

Guests can explore the open zoo area and observe an array of rare species of wild animals from numerous bio-geographic regions including South Africa, Europe, India, and Australia. Walking along the slender, tree-lined, winding roads, visitors will discover the magnificent primate world on display, with the presence of silver langur, pile gibbon, macaque, lemur and many more tropical wild animals. Visitors will be amazed at the serene gait of the majestic, Asian elephants trekking downstream on a quest to beat the heat along with scores of Arabian antelope, pronghorn and black antelope. You'll have the unique opportunity to be up close and observe uncommon beauty of a rare, white Bengal tiger or the majestic mane of an African lion pride. Other inhabitants include the naughty one-humped camel, as well as the ever-curious striped Hyena. The open zoo also contains a bird park with three distinct themed gardens  namely the Peacock, the Stork, the Blackbird, and the Flamingo  taking visitors back to mother nature and immersing them into the dynamic life of the animals gathered in this peaceful conservatory.

Wildlife park and safari

Spread over a large area with an abundant plant system, the wildlife park meets the rigorous standards of the Safari model. Each subdivision in the park is a different habitat ensuring that the proper living conditions and standards are met from an animal sustainability and safety standpoint. Visitors get to experience the wildlife park in specialized vehicles while the animals roam free. Visitors may be able to observe lions playing together, giraffes crossing the road, rhinos roaming and playing in wet mud, or waterbucks casually grazing in the brush. It is the open living space that enables the species to freely express their instinctive behaviors and give visitors a chance to experience the genuineness of experiencing life in the wild. As the first and only animal care and conservation park safari experience in Vietnam, Vinpearl Safari has brought visitors closer to the natural wild lives of the animal kingdom.