Minor Mosque

Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, is known for showcasing a mix of modern and Soviet-era architecture. It is an elegant metropolis that will take you several days to explore. One of the top sights you must visit is the Minor Mosque—an immaculate white architectural building that will leave you standing open-mouthed while you behold its beauty.

Brand new

Uzbekistan is famous for having the oldest and most beautiful mosques in Central Asia, carrying with them years of history. They are structures that illustrate the culture of the country. The newest addition is the Minor Mosque. It only started its construction in 2013 and held its big opening on October 2014, in the evening of the Muslim holiday Kurban Khayit. Construction was sponsored by the government and management is handled by Muslims in the country. It is located in one of the new parts of the city by the banks of the Ankhor canal, which has gone through lots of recent improvements with the goal of modernizing the city. The complex is surrounded by a green landscape and a path through the canal ideal for evening strolls—a must-do activity chosen by the locals.

A gorgeous white structure

Known also as the white mosque for its magnificent white marble finish, Minor Mosque is an exceptional example of how Uzbekistan works with Islamic architecture at its best. For being a small country, residents are surprisingly good at building traditional mosques. Its turquoise dome blends in fantastically on days where the sky is blue. Inside the circular prayer hall, you will find a beautiful semicircular gold niche that indicates the direction of Mecca. It is an essential item in every mosque as it points toward where to pray. It is decorated with writings of the Koran. The Mosque can host up to 2,400 worshipers and since its opening it has become a popular spiritual center for Muslims, offering rooms for washing and every other facility needed to welcome its visitors.

Snap some photos

The Mosque is not only a place to worship, but it has also become a leisure area to enjoy the sights and an important landmark of the city that will be part of the history for years to come. Make it for the sunset and you will get the best contrast of the orange colors in the sky with the white structure. It is the perfect time of day to snapshot some travel memories from this glorious-looking building. Do as the locals do, and head there as soon as you arrive at Tashkent.

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