Jersey War Tunnels

The Jersey War Tunnels are situated four miles north-west of St Helier, in the country parish of St Lawrence, United Kingdom. Visit this historic site to go back in time and understand about life in Jersey during the German occupation and get an insight into the hardship, heartache, and heroism of Jersey citizens.

The tunnels

The Jersey War Tunnels were built during the five years of German occupation and stands testimony to the cruelty of the Nazi regime. You can explore the 1,000 meters of tunnels that goes 50 meters underground deep into the hillside. Built by more than 5000 slave laborers, the tunnels were meant to helps Germans escape air raids and bombardments. In 1943, it was converted to a hospital. In their current form, the tunnels display a collection of thought-provoking exhibits that tell the fascinating story of Jersey's occupation - from resistance, to starvation, through eventual liberation.

War trail

Walk along the War Trail to see the fortifications and defenses built by the German forces during the occupation. Today, it is a beautiful walk along green and peaceful footpaths but you can't help but shudder as you take in crawl trenches, anti-aircraft gun positions, and personnel shelters that have been preserved since 1945.

Garden of reflection

Stop by for a moment of peace. As you sit here surrounded by the plaques commemorating Jersey residents who lost their life due to the occupation, you cannot help but reflect on the perils and impact of war.

Escape rooms

The escape rooms provide an exciting activity option. If you want to spend some time you're your friends, this interactive adventure is for you. There are two types of adventures to choose from. Find the hidden clues, break codes, solve puzzles using your critical thinking and analytic skills—you have 60 minutes to escape the room. This adventure is suitable for ages 15 and over.

Good to know

This access friendly site offers mobility scooter and wheelchairs. Guide dogs are also allowed inside. Mange Tout café offers a range of hot food, snacks, and beverages. There are also two shops where you can discover and create eclectic items to take back with you.