Elizabeth Castle

What time of year you decide to visit and the tide conditions, will play a role in your overall experience when visiting the historical and enchanting Elizabeth Castle. Guests will, at times have the incredible opportunity to access Elizabeth Castle by foot (at low tide) or aboard the Castle Ferry (at either low or high tide). Either way you'll be transported across space and time as you make your way towards the island. There are two ferries, the Charming Betty, and Charming Nancy, both which are very capable wading vehicles that can reach the castle regardless of tide height with the right weather conditions. A one-way trip when the tide is high takes about 15 minutes.

Learn more about the incredible French/British war periods

Elizabeth Castle is the perfect place to explore an important cornerstone in Jersey's history. Built on a rocky islet in St Aubin's bay, Elizabeth Castle has defended Jersey for more than 300 years and today provides a glimpse into Jersey's past, from as early as 550 A.D., through to World War II and the 20th century. Only 14 miles off the coast of France and positioned on the principal sea-borne supply route to the French naval base at Brest, Jersey has been considered a location of strategic importance during any warring periods between Britain and France.

A critical historical landmark

Today, the castle is in care of the Jersey Heritage Trust, as a museum site. Among the historical displays is the Jersey Royal Militia museum, where guest can survey several centuries of military artifacts. Every Sunday through the season when the castle is open, a dedicated group of historical interpreters recreate the garrison of 1781, at the time of the battle of Jersey. Musket and cannon firings ringing through the air will bolster the thrill of your journey to Elizabeth Castle and draw guests even deeper into the many key historical moments on display. Explore and admire the great beauty of St. Helier Climb the battlements, explore the turrets and bunkers, and discover the Hermitage where Saint Helier is thought to have lived around 550 A.D. Enjoy the spectacle of the Mid-Day Parade and cannon firing. Visit the granite and gunpowder exhibition which tells the story of the Jersey Militia and take a stroll to the end of the breakwater—which extends 1.5 miles out to sea. The castle is home to bunkers which were re-fortified during the German occupation and features several exhibitions explaining many other aspects of Jersey's fascinating history.