National Justice Museum

Nottingham's Lace Market has so much to see. Once the center of the world's lace industry, it is now the heart of historical attractions. On your Nottingham to-do list, make sure you explore the National Museum of Justice to unveil the history of judges and courtrooms. Plus, navigate into the streets underground. Nottingham is known for its man-made caves.

The old courthouse building

The museum is housed in the Shire Hall and County Gaol. It used to be a Victorian courtroom, a prison, and a police station back in the 14th century. The building itself is a relic. Documents from 1375 show when it was first a law court, while documents from 1449 show when it was first used as a prison. Officially the National Justice Museum opened in 2017; before that it was known as the Galleries of Justice Museum which was established in 1995.

What to see

When visiting the museum, you will explore the history of justice throughout the years in an immense collection with games, activities, and interactive features that allow you to immerse yourself in olden times. In addition, learn how the modern law and justice system works and how it contributes to our daily lives.

Take a tour

Every day at 10:30 and 15:30, enjoy the latest tour about Tales of Truth and Legends, giving you access to secret spaces and unknown stories from the National Justice Museum. The legend says Robin Hood was once held in the dungeon. Visit the creepy chamber and hear all about what happened with Robin. Also, discover Nottingham's most famous spelling mistake, fun facts about the Victorian courtrooms, and more. Taking this tour is like traveling back in time. It's a great experience you shouldn't miss! Elsewhere, if you are feeling spirited, try the Terror Tours hosted during the night or the Ghost Tours. You are in for a frightful treat!

Time your visit with the caves

While you are in the museum, descend into the dark and visit the City of Caves. You can purchase a joint ticket with your museum entry or book the admission online only for the cave attraction. The City of Caves is a labyrinth of 500 sandstone caves from the Dark Ages located underneath the streets of Nottingham. You will be walking underground while the city keeps its normal routine on the surface.   During the visit, you can learn the story behind the caves, see the one and only medieval tannery in the UK, and explore the shelter where many people hid during WWII.