Greens Windmill

Enjoy two tourist attractions in one at Green's Windmill in Sneinton. The childhood home of significant scientist and mathematician George Green not only educates people about his impact on society and mathematics, but is also a working windmill—one of only a few city center windmills left in England. The restored windmill now hosts a number of family-friendly activities and makes a fantastic day out near Nottingham.

George Green's legacy

Green's Windmill was built by the father of notable scientist and mathematician George Green in 1807. The mathematical genius developed new ways of doing mathematics, which have helped scientists to understand the world around us, for example his work led to the invention of MRI scanning machines. The mill was badly damaged by a fire in 1947, but was later restored by Nottingham City Council in the 1980's and the windmill began milling again in 1986 and continues to work to this day.

The power of science

The working mill is now also a popular museum and science centre, which teaches new generations of children about the valuable work of George Green. See inside the amazing inner workings of the windmill over four floors, including the grindstones and how the miller uses the windmill to turn grain into flour. Climb to the top of the mill tower and enjoy fantastic views all across Nottingham. If you're lucky and wind is blowing you may even see the sails of this beautiful windmill turning. Meanwhile, young children will love the hands-on experiments in the Science Centre which explore electricity, magnetism, and light.

In the heart of nature

The Green's Windmill is accompanied by a fantastic community garden. The garden features a Victorian style greenhouse, wildlife pond, vegetable beds, and summer house with an outdoor pizza oven for those who would like to enjoy lunch in this serene location. Enjoy a relaxing walk among the wildlife that, walking distance from the city center, is accessible to those staying in Nottingham. The shop at the mill is also well worth a visit, notably for its award winning organic flour made, of course, on site. They also sell a range of books, scientific games, and toys, as well as refreshing drinks. The windmill is free to enter and is open between Thursday and Sunday each week; on non-opening days, you can still see the exterior from the adjoining park. Whether wanting an educational place to visit with the children, or whether you're interested in a historic mill, a trip to the Green's Windmill is a fine way to spend a day in the Nottingham area.