Roundhay Park

When visiting Leeds, consider spending the day exploring one of Europe's largest city parks. The beautiful Roundhay Park area dates back to the 11th century, and the current grounds were initially used for hunting during the 13th century. Roundhay Park eventually became public property and officially reopened in 1872, after an extensive landscaping makeover. The park is open year-round and free to visit.

Extravagant green areas at Roundhay Park

There's something for everyone to enjoy at Roundhay Park. Take a moment to examine and learn about the vibrant green pastures as you enjoy the sparkling fountains, fresh flowers, and varied fauna. For special needs visitors, Roundhay Park has established a series of unique gardens, designed specifically for the blind, with scented plants and braille inscriptions. The Monet Garden is based on the iconic artist's famous gardens in France, the Alhambra Garden is inspired by the 13th-century garden area in Spain, and the Friends of Roundhay Park Garden takes its inspiration from the Yorkshire Dales. The Coronation Garden contains medal-winning entries presented to the Chelsea Flower Show. The Canal Gardens gives guests the opportunity to explore a grassy area which is home to mature trees and flower gardens along the lake. Also, stop by the Walled Garden, which was originally constructed as a vegetable garden.

Events, activities, and attractions at Roundhay Park

The park's natural amphitheater is known as The Arena and has a cricket pitch and cycling track—with both areas hosting events throughout the year. The Arena comfortably seats massive crowds of 100,000 people and features some of the most notable acts in music and entertainment history, including the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, and U2.

Visit Tropical World

Roundhay Park has more to offer than beautiful flowers, canals, and trees. It is also home to Tropical World and its exotic collection of animals. Visit the rainforest, aquarium, desert, and nocturnal world, which is home to a number of bats, birds, butterflies, reptiles, meerkats, crocodiles, and more. This attraction is very popular with families.

Feeding the birds

In addition to the many gulls and geese residing at Roundhay Park, visitors can spend a bit of time waterside, feeding swans, heron, warblers, and more. Skip the bread, though, as it is unhealthy for birds (and also attracts rats!). Opt instead to bring oats, rice, chopped grapes, non-frozen peas or sweet corn, lettuce or other greens, bird seed, or duck pellets.

Sports and leisure facilities

Facilities at the Park also include tennis courts, a children's play area, a small skateboard park, various sports pitches, bowling greens, a golf course, and several fishing areas.

Eating at the park

The Lakeside cafe overlooking Waterloo Lake is a great place to enjoy a nice lunch outing, whereas the Garden Room restaurant is a terrific space for dining and hosting special events, business meetings, and weddings.