Glasgow Science Centre

Glasgow Science Centre is a science-lover's heaven, filled with incredible activities, education centers and fantastic exhibits for adults, kids and toddlers alike. This dynamic science center, set on the south bank of the River Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland, is one of Scotland's most popular visitor attractions - divided into three principal areas: the Science Mall, Glasgow Tower and the IMAX cinema. 

Activities centers for the entire family 

The Glasgow Tower was designed to be the tallest freely-rotating tower in the world. The A Question of Perception area gives guests the chance to explore a world where nothing is quite as it seems, with intriguing illusions and strange experiences that will leave you wondering if you can trust your eyes, brain or senses. The BodyWorks center is a hands-on exhibition featuring a giant hamster wheel, a DNA Disco and plenty more wild activities for you to explore. Take a trip upward in the Glasgow Tower - the tallest fully-rotating, freestanding structure in the world. 

The My World of Work Live! area is where you'll explore your future in a virtual space suit, see yourself as an Arctic explorer, check out how good you look in a Paramedic uniform and much more. The Powering the Future section of the science center is where you can explore energy options exploring how we can better produce and use energy. At the Quantum Technologies center, get hands-on with the physics and engineering behind quantum technologies in a new interactive exhibit. The Science Show Theatre Roll is a series of live shows that are full of flashes, bangs, flames, crashes and explosions. The Space Zone forms an immersive, simulated walkway through the solar system. Observe the planets under a different light and learn fascinating facts about our cosmic universe. The Big Explorer zone is where guests with children under age seven, can operate a crane, load cargo, man the Captain's bridge, and more. The Planetarium is where you'll connect with the cosmos via a full-dome digital projection system, for a truly out of this world experience. 

The larger-than-life IMAX Cinema is a huge, shimmering silver building hosts Scotland's biggest, most awesome screen, where no matter what you see, you're promised to have a mind-blowing, blockbuster experience! The Glasgow Science Centre features a series of fun interactive activities in the Workshop area. Guests can get creative, discover new skills, explore scientific concepts and learn how camouflage helps animals hide. 

Gift shop and dining at Glasgow Science Centre

Once you've made your way through the science center, stop in the gift shop to pick up the perfect memorabilia and grab a bite to eat at the Glasgow Science Centre café.